August 8, 2022

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Jahir has a passion for hairiness and looks for love on "first dates" but he can make exceptions like Matthias |  Film and Television

Jahir has a passion for hairiness and looks for love on “first dates” but he can make exceptions like Matthias | Film and Television

A clear voice in what he is looking for in a man: You must have hair. This is what he said on the dating show fourAnd the First datesthough it was strong, little by little, it was discovered, though this style is his own The perfect man, there is room for others.

The Colombian wants one open relationship Currently, she is in a relationship with a boy from Tenerife and hopes to date a “hairy boy”. He is attracted to body hair, which is difficult to pronounce: Hairiness.

The contestant’s admission that, at a time when fashion is more geared towards full-body shaving, caught the attention of Carlos Sopra, who took the opportunity to warn Jaher that Matthias has no hair on his chest. He asked curiously, “Will I be off your radar?” The answer was clear: “I will make exceptions,” and, smiling, Matthias couldn’t help but tell him about it he was smart.

Jaher and Gerardo dined in the Restaurant of Love, a boy with no hair on and for his body Jahir was another exception. “In an excessive and crazy way, I like that he has dark black hair,” Jaher explained to Girardeau, which physically attracts him. Gerardo is a very dark man, he has very little hair, but he chooses a haircut to look better. In the matter of taste, you already know.

During dinner, they talked about what they both love, and Gerardo revealed one of his most intimate dreams: to be property. He has also revealed that he loves Dark rooms and people meeting in surrounding saunas Homosexuality, which also piques Jahir’s interest.

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When he met Jaher, he felt good and nothing prevented a smooth conversation, some intimacy and confessions. However, going into details, to Gerardo, about his date with Shrek and He didn’t know he was on the show and didn’t like a single thing. He didn’t want it to be anyone’s second lesson, so after a kiss started by Jaher he refused.

They both left the Love Restaurant without any plans for a second date, despite the fact that Jahir was willing to accept that Gerardo had no hair.