April 22, 2024

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James Webb Telescope: Launch delayed again

James Webb Telescope: Launch delayed again

space telescope James Webb from NASA Delayed again: It won’t be released before December 22nd.

The telescope, which will replace the Hubble science missions, was already in French Guiana For release scheduled for December 18.

However, the NASA He noticed a problem with the rocket that would take him to space, and he Ariane 5.

Technicians were preparing to call mosques web To the launch vehicle converter, which is used to integrate the observatory with the upper stage of the missile Ariane 5. explained NASA In a message published on Monday, when “Headband, who fits web To the launch vehicle transformer, it caused a vibration throughout the observatory.”

to investigate the problem

after the event, NASA He will investigate the problem to ensure that the entire system is in perfect condition. The results will be vital to confirm whether the telescope will be launched this year.

Project development began in 1996 with a launch date originally planned for 2007. But many problems along the way, including the coronavirus pandemic, They saw several missed important dates.

The James Webb pasture successor Hubble, another space telescope launched in 1990 and decommissioned in June.

The telescope features a 6.5 meter gold mirror made of 18 hexagons that allows you to explore deep space in great detail.

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