July 1, 2022

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Jordi Martin talks about Gerard Pique's life after his split from Shakira: 'It's totally out of date' |  Film and Television

Jordi Martin talks about Gerard Pique’s life after his split from Shakira: ‘It’s totally out of date’ | Film and Television

Ago Shakira s Gerrard Pique Announcing their separation, the paparazzi focused on following them up to report every move they take or every gesture they make. Media pressure they seem to be on the sidelines because of it. Everyone makes their own life and this weekend they wanted to talk about it in it social.

Now every company that is captured with the football player is analyzed with a magnifying glass. Maria Patino commented on the latter, saying, “She is very young and physically reminds me a lot of Shakira.” Marie Verduy He confirmed that the girl who is related to Pique is very similar to his other ex-wife, Noria Thomas.

The truth is that breaking up is never easy and there is no guide to knowing how to act in these situations. The program turned to photographers Jordy Martin To see what Pique is doing.

The crazy life of a soccer player

“I’ve been behind Gerrard for twelve years and Pique is well known in Barcelona for his parties, but what they have confirmed to me is that recently, He’s quite old, he’s partying a lot with his partner Ricky Puig‘ reassured the photographer.

He seems to take his single life very seriously and it doesn’t come cheap. “this is Spending inappropriate amounts of money At Bling Bling nightclub and at Patrón Restaurant, and from what they told me, until the early hours of the morning,” Martin added.

Maria Patino He wanted to know how much was being spent on those parties. “Minimum €2000 and above per dayThe paparazzi said the sums for Pique are laughable.

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We’ll have to see what eventually happens in this new couple situation. while still Doubts about the future fate of the singer, it will be necessary to find out which one was the first to be able to rebuild his life and find the illusion again. For now, it seems to have some advantages.