July 2, 2022

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Kia nueva fábrica coreana

Kia to build new electric car factory in Korea

Sure! Kia will build a new plant for the production of purpose-built electric vehicles in South Korea.



After various reports and rumors, finally Kia confirmed that it will build new factory For “tailor-made” electric models (PBV) in South Korea. Its development will begin in the first half of 2023 and the development of vehicles in the second half of 2025.

Thus, the new plant will be built inside the plant in Hwaseong, South Korea. At first it will have the ability 100,000 models per yearbut will strive to reach 150,000 units as demand for PBV increases.

According to Kia, the new plant will feature an intelligent production ecosystem “Eforest”, Which will be driven by data, communication and robotics technologies. You will also have clean painting facilities and Energy saving To reduce your carbon footprint.

The new Korean factory Kia

The new Korean factory Kia

Electric Vehicles Lab: In preparation

In addition, the brand revealed some interesting previews of its next Four PBV models, which will provide unique box dimensions and distinctive LED lighting signatures. Now these cars will be designed for Spontaneous deliveries.

In fact, the medium PBV will offer two versions of connecting flights and automated taxis, while the large version will be dedicated Shipping and transportation. All vehicles will be used skateboard deck Intended for EV.

What’s more, these vehicles will offer the future Level 4 Intrinsic Ability You will receive wireless updates. distance Kia Niro Plusthe first custom PBV for the brand will be the medium model, which is currently Internal code “SW”.

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The new Korean factory Kia

The new Korean factory Kia

It should be noted that the models that will be part of the ‘Tailored Vehicles (PBV)’ strategy will be the mainstays of the project. Kia S . Plan. The brand you want to become Pioneering force sector by 2030.

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