June 21, 2024

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Laparos makes an emergency stop

According to New Zealand media outlet RNJet, Ponant’s ship has been denied entry into New Zealand. Lack of fuel, then he has to make an emergency stop in Kylo this Monday evening.

Le Labours makes a technical stop in Noumia this Monday evening Fuel and refuel. With Lucas’ approach to the tropical recession, if Warning 1 is triggered, the ship will return to the high seas at 11 a.m. tomorrow. No passengers were on board and no sailing was planned for the time being. The ship will provide further advice depending on the situation in New Zealand.

Refusal to go to dock in New Zealand

The Govt-19 cases, which were discovered in New Zealand last week, should have called into question the Kiwi government’s earlier recognition of Le Labros last December for the cruise. In fact, according to the RNZ, last week, Of the 90 employees, 61 were denied immigration, Are considered “essential” workers. The New Zealand government says the ship has departed from Jakarta, Indonesia “Before his executive documents were executed.”

“We have been operating in New Zealand seasonally for the last seven years. Our team structure has not changed. It has remained the same for the last seven years. Says Sarina Bratton, Point Director of the Asia-Pacific Region. “We were not aware of the need for visas to be approved before leaving for New Zealand. Our New Zealand port agent who oversees all of our businesses and handles all merchant ships entering and leaving New Zealand is unaware of her.” She continues.

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Sarina Bratton says shipping denial will cost shipping 6 may cost 1.6 million and more. Over the next two months, more than 300 people sailed to Le Labros.

New Zealand immigration officials said on Monday they had no further information about Le Labros They continued to work with the company to explore their options.