April 13, 2024

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LDU de Quito's DT revealed that he studied Universitario well: “It will be a surprise if they don't come out with a 5 line.”

LDU de Quito's DT revealed that he studied Universitario well: “It will be a surprise if they don't come out with a 5 line.”

LDU de Quito coach Josep Alcacer is hoping for a result from his visit to Universitario for the Copa Libertadores.

Josep AlcacerD.T LDU in Quitotalk about The match, which will be held on Tuesday, April 2 at 9:00 pm, vs Sports University At the Monumental Stadium during the first round of Group D of the Copa Libertadores Championship.

The Spaniard, who will not be able to direct from the technical area because he does not have a CONMEBOL licence, praised the team.generous“, highlighting aspects such as being the current football champion in Peru or having the second largest stadium in South America.

“It is a very attractive competition for everyone, we face it with the confidence and calm that gave us the last win, but we know that we have to change the pace. It is a very difficult competition, Against a good opponent, the current champion of Peru, they have just won the title after 10 years without doing so, we will compete in a great stadium, a great stage, where we will give our best.. The workweek was focused on enhancing our own virtues and diminishing those of our competitors. He added: “To win in this complex scenario, we must be strong, play with focus, take advantage of the opportunities available to us, and be strong in defense.”

LDU de Quito just beat Imbabura 5-0 in Ligabro Ecuador (LDU).

The Valencia-born also showed that he studied the team deeply.meringue“, in which he analyzed their playing style and admitted that he would be surprised if they did not come up with the usual line of three or five defenders:

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“It is a team that has had a very meaningful playing idea since the beginning of the tournament. Anything that would change the structure would be a surprise, But as always, football is open to this kind of event. A team that grew from a line of five players and was strong defensively, but above all from being involved outside the tracks with plenty of reach and travel.. He then admitted that, entering the area where several people were present, not only the attackers, but also the two interiors and even the path on the other side, had a presence from the middle side path.

Josep Alcacer replaced Luis Zubeldia as coach of LDU de Quito. EFE/Jose Jacome

Likewise, Alcacer Dismiss the feeling of being favoured, despite their arrival as current champions of the tournament South American Cup In recent years, Ecuadorian football has been far ahead of Peruvian football:

“I do not understand favorites, nothing is less than the other. We are talking about champions. The difficulty is high and that is the beauty of this competition. He stressed that the team is ready and ready to play a great tournament.

Universitario drew 0-0 with Cesar Vallejo in the ninth round of the opening tournament of the 2024 Primera Division.

Josep Alcacer He also commented on Fabian Bustos, Which he is well known at Ecuador For his time in clubs such as Barcelona SC, Deportivo Quito, Dolphin, among others. Although in the Nordic country they consider the Argentine a defensive coach, his colleague believes that with a capital 'U' he will come out and suggest:

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“I know Fabian's career and I know the comments about his football profile. In this initial stretch, Universitario was the team that suggested, and they went more on the opposite field than on their own. When you have a full stadium, and that encourages you, that pushes you, it is difficult to prepare the match thinking “In defense.”

Finally, he described the match as “extremely difficult”, although he stressed that they would do everything in their power to reduce all the merits of the match. academicIn order to extract the three points from Peru:

“We expect a university team similar to the one we saw in the video, a team that arrives with a lot of people, a team that is very deep from the outside and will certainly want to bring joy to its fans. Maximum difficulty because it cannot be otherwise in the Copa Libertadores match and we will try to play our game, which It makes everything the Universitario does well seem insignificant.