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Lebanese Hezbollah breaks US blockade with Iranian fuel

Sep 17, 2021 2:48 amBeirut, September 17 (Prince Latina) Activist Laurie Hatian confirmed today that Hezbollah has broken the US blockade by bringing Iranian fuel through Syria.

“Do not forget this day,” he wrote on social media, describing this as the victory of the resistance in a conflict with the Lebanese state.

Al-Manar TV channel described the arrival of a convoy of 20 tankers with a capacity of 50 thousand liters of Iranian diesel to the country, Thursday, as a success.

While passing in northwest Hermel, one of its residents, Jamal Jawad, confirmed to “Naharnet” that it was about humanitarian aid to ease the burden on the residents.

He explained that Hezbollah does not replace the state because it is a temporary measure until the fuel shortage problem is completely resolved and as a result the electricity company provides service only an hour or two a day.

“It is a great thing, because we have broken the siege of the United States and other countries,” said Nabiha Idris, a supporter of Hezbollah, who welcomed the convoy’s passage through the Lebanese village of Al-Ain.

Lebanon is suffering from a devastating economic crisis due to the lack of foreign exchange to buy fuel, medicine and food.

The shortage of fuel has paralyzed the country with power outages that threaten the lives of patients, and limit the production of bread, a staple of the Lebanese table, and other products.

The tanker trucks crossed from Homs Governorate in central Syria to the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and greeted thousands and chanted.

Yellow flags adorn the streets symbolizing Hezbollah and other banners, praising the resistance and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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Last Monday, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, announced the arrival of Iranian fuel that will be donated by Hezbollah and Iran to social institutions such as public hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, water stations and the Lebanese Red Cross.

Nasrallah explained that others will get fuels at cost prices, such as private hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, bakeries and cooperatives that sell food products.

He said in a statement that during the coming weeks, three more Iranian tankers will be unloaded at the Syrian port of Banias, and their contents will take the same route and destination as this first convoy.

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