May 18, 2024

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Lies of P fans are asking for a Peter Pan or Mickey Mouse adaptation

Lies of P fans are asking for a Peter Pan or Mickey Mouse adaptation

Lies of P has brilliantly adapted the story of Pinocchio and now its fans are asking the developers to take advantage of the opportunity to shape other ideas inspired by Peter Pan or Mickey Mouse.

P lies It was one of the most memorable games of 2023 and One of the best lives we've had in recent years. Korean studio Round8 wanted to show that there is life outside FromSoftware and they succeeded in doing so.

Although Lies of P has been compared to Bloodborne, the game has its own identity thanks in part to the story it adapts. The story of Pinocchio receives a new treatment More sombre and Steampunk which suits it wonderfully.

Such was the success that we recently learned that Lies of P could become a movie or series, with the game's director claiming to have received offers to expand the saga beyond video games.

Adapting a popular story with a more adult tone has been beloved and now fans are asking Round8 for new stories that focus on just that: turning children's stories into a soul-like dark fantasy.

Peter Pan and Mickey Mouse style P Lies

What other work could be useful? Well, in conjunction with turning it into public domain material, It didn't take long for Peter Pan and Mickey Mouse to introduce themselves as candidates Perfect in the eyes of the players.

In our opinion, Peter Pan could be an absolute marvel if a Spirit-like toy inspired by him was made. Neverland would be a great place to tour. Also, as some fans have pointed out, the game could be called Lies of PP.

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What is already clear is that the future sequel to Lies of P will be developed using Unreal Engine 5, as they say from Neowiz. We remember that the game will have downloadable content (DLC), so in 2024 we will not miss any details.

As for other news about this title, the creators of Lies of P are happy with Xbox Game Pass and its role in the game's success. what do you think? Remember, if you haven't played it yet, Lies of P is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S, Xbox One And Computer.

  • The creators of Lies of P are thrilled with Xbox Game Pass and its role in the game's success


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