July 14, 2024

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Los Clafeles de la Cumbia leader reveals last conversation with Jaime Carmona: “I felt like killing him”

Los Clafeles de la Cumbia leader reveals last conversation with Jaime Carmona: “I felt like killing him”

Shocking discovery of Cesar Cordoba: Jaime Carmona felt his death. | America TV

The death of Jaime Carmona, member of the band Los Claveles de la Cumbia, continues to impact his followers and the musical environment. And his colleagues in the orchestra, along with the owner, Cesar CordobaThey appeared on the program “El Reventonazo de la Chola” to express their pain at his passing. On June 11, the musician known as “Taita”. He was shot dead by assassins In a restaurant in the Istiklal area.

A few days after the unfortunate event, the group leader shared details The last thing he said to the translator. He remembered how they started conversations and highlighted his talent, which is why he decided to hire him.

“I met him in a nightclub in Lima Norte. I liked the way he sang. We chose him and sang the song ‘Yo no te menos’ with him.” He was a happy person, eager to get ahead, very introverted and a dancer.

Los Claveles de la Cumbia mourns the killing of Jaime Carmona. | Capture/TV America/Broadcast

The owner of the Cumbia Orchestra also stated that Jaime Carmona was aware of the threats against him and even felt that they wanted to make an attempt on his life. “He knew they were threatening him. He told me.” “Boss, I have some problems.”Cordova added.

The music businessman revealed that his partner felt his death and that he endured a dangerous situation.

“Last Friday we were talking on WhatsApp and I already had a feeling. I even know that I told another colleague that I didn’t want any honors, which is quite familiar, and that’s what we did,” concluded the leader of Los Clafeles de la Cumbia.

Jaime Carmona was shot and killed in a restaurant while live streaming on TikTok. (Photography: America TV)

The murder of Jaime Carmona is under investigation by Peru’s National Police. Initially, it was believed that the motive behind his death was extortion or collecting quotas. However, the possibility that it is A Settlement of accounts between organizations Who seek to control institutions in the northern cone of Lima.

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In addition, unpublished photos of the young singer’s murder were revealed. The authorities published a video clip of A Surveillance camera in Independence It shows the exact moment of the crime. In the audio-visual materials, you can see a masked person walking through the streets of the area, suspected of being the perpetrator of the murder.

Singer Jaime Carmona was murdered by hitmen in a restaurant while livestreaming on TikTok

The fateful incident occurred while Carmona was performing at the venue. “Pier 21”. A man entered the institution and opened fire, ending the singer’s life. What was recorded showed how terror gripped the place, as neighbors left their homes terrified by the gunfire, only to discover the tragic reality that surrounded the place.

Investigations are still ongoing to try to clarify the motives and actors behind this crime, which left deep pain in the world of music. The young artist became a figure whose departure caused a great uproar, not only among his teammates. Cumbia clovesRather, in everyone who appreciates his talent and dedication.

The singer’s body was buried at “El Huaralino” in Los Olivos in the presence of family, friends and followers. He was later transferred to Parque del Memoria in Ancón to be permanently separated.

Jaime Carmona’s body was buried at the El Huaralino headquarters latin news

Juan Pablo FernandezThe venue manager revealed that he and many of the artists performing at his headquarters were threatened and blackmailed by criminals. Fernandez explained that security measures have been tightened at the institution to protect attendees and artists.

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