May 19, 2022

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Machado 6-5 with HR in Padres' win

Machado 6-5 with HR in Padres’ win

SAN DIEGO – Mane Machado returned to a career high with five strokes to help the San Diego Padres beat the world champions Atlanta Braves 12-1 on Thursday.

Joe Musgrove has turned 6 2/3 amazing roles for the city of Padres. Rookie CJ Abrams made his first home run in San Diego.

44,844 fans stood in Petco Park to cheer for Musgrove, who left the game by two points in the seventh inning.

The crowd got even more excited at the bottom of the half when Machado collided with a two-team pair. The Dominicans haven’t had much success this season.

He ended up going 5 for 6 with four runs scored, two RBIs and a pair of steals. Eric Hosmer had four hits, while new hitter Luke Voight led three rounds.

Leading the ninth, Ozzy Albis’ second half, barely covered Atlanta’s loss.

For the brave, Dominican Marcel Ozuna 4-1. Puerto Rico Eddie Rosario 3-0.

For Padres, Dominican Machado scored 6-5 with four runs and two RBIs.

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