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“Magaly TV La Firme” live: why Ana Paula Consorti met with Paulo Guerrero and his lawyer, more details about the case

“Magaly TV La Firme” live: why Ana Paula Consorti met with Paulo Guerrero and his lawyer, more details about the case

Paulo Guerrero signs the document in front of the lawyer

Paulo Guerrero signed the documents in the presence of his lawyer, W Anna Paula Consorti At the Hyatt Hotel in San Isidro, where the Peruvian team is based, as revealed by the “Amor y Fuego” program, on June 4.

The presence of the Brazilian model where they reside, led by Jorge Fossati, quickly captured the attention of the media and followers. For approximately 20 minutes, cameras showed the “predator”‘s fingerprints in the facility’s lobby.

“Paulo Guerrero and Ana Paula face to face at the National Team Focus Hotel. In the morning we caught them in the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel in San Isidro. “They were accompanied by Paulo’s lawyer, Julio Garcia, where he was seen signing documents and stamping fingerprints,” Rodrigo Gonzalez said while showing the photos.

Paulo Guerrero and Ana Paula Consorti are facing a crisis and a possible separation. | Configure/Infobae

Majali Medina reveals the meeting of Paolo Guerrero and Ana Paula Consorti

Paulo Guerrero and Brazilian model Ana Paula Consorte are facing tensions in their relationship, presenter Magaly Medina reported on the program “Magaly TV La Firme” on June 3.

The famous “Uraca” reported that the couple, known for their relationship with the media, will be separated and without communication, despite their recent meeting at the hotel where the athlete is focusing on… Peruvian football team.

Tensions arose after seeing the mother of his two minor children and her lawyer, Julio Garcia, at the hotel. Majali explained that although the woman spent the night in the same building, this does not mean reconciliation, as close sources confirm that the couple is still separated.

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Moreover, days ago Consorti deleted Guerrero’s photos Their social networks, increasing speculation about their move away.

Medina also stated that Guerrero’s current sporting context could exacerbate the situation. The striker will play in Friday’s match and will later travel to the Copa America. According to the host, the model may have sought to force a rapprochement due to a lack of communication between the two.

(Photo by: Magaly TV La Firme)

What did Majali Medina reveal in her previous program?

Majali Medina revealed several shocking details in her previous program. First, he reported that criminals were pursuing Ricardo Mendoza, according to the police report. “Remember, kidnappings have increased. Ricardo Mendoza should report to warn these criminals,” said the ATV host.

He also provided pictures of Pamela Lopez dances a cumbia away from Christian Cueva, wears a hat so as not to be noticed at Surco Harvest. In another clip, it showed Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco at a salsa event in La Molina, the same event that Jefferson Farfan curiously attended.

In addition, Al-Majali responded to Yahira Plasencia calling her a liar: “You better impress yourself by checking your sources before spreading information. And about the fact that no one likes me, if that were the case, I wouldn’t be on the air at 9:45 at night. No one’s going to move us here, we’re winning. Who’s left? As a clown? He said: “The public did not accept you.”

For his part, he praised Laura SpoyaThe new presenter of the program Al Sexto al Día, highlights her outfits that are suitable for night hours, unlike salsera.

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Finally, Medina reported on the wedding of Clavito and Andrea, which cost 40,000 soles. The party was celebrated by close friends and family, including Desi Araujo, La Negra Petroleo, Nelfer Huarac, Marc Vito, and Paloma de la Guaracha, among others.

Magali Medina refers to the departure of Yahira Plascencia from “Al Sexto Día”

Where to watch Magaly TV La Firme live?

currently, “Majali La Firme TV” It is broadcast live on ATV, giving the audience access to entertainment segments and exclusive interviews. This program can be watched on open TV and through various cable options in Peru, including DirecTV, Movistar TV, Claro TV, and Best Cable.

  • Open signal/channel 9
  • DirecTV / Channel 199 (SD/HD)
  • Movistar TV / Channel 9 (SD) Channel 709 (HD)
  • Claro TV / Channel 9 (SD)
  • Best Cable/Channel 9

How to watch “Magaly TV La Firme” online?

There are several options to watch Majali Madina program online. You can download the application Play ATV also Play Movistar On your mobile phone from Play Store. You can also follow the live broadcast on the official ATV website. Additionally, the show is broadcast live every night on its official YouTube channel, despite some audio and video limitations.