January 17, 2022

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MAKRO Converts Its Commercial Fleet To Hybrid (Environment) :: CSR Commitment

01/13/2022 08:18:00 Makro has signed an agreement with Renault Spain and LeasePlan to make its commercial fleet more sustainable thanks to the introduction of hybrid vehicles across Spain. The signing took place today at the Macro Leganes facilities, in the presence of David Martinez Fontano, CEO of Macro Spain, Sebastian Guygues, CEO of Renault and Alpine Iberia, and Alberto Saez, CEO of LeasePlan.

As a result of this agreement, the more than 350 diesel vehicles that currently make up the company’s sales fleet will be replaced by the Renault Clio E-TECH hybrid. It is a gradual change that begins today with the delivery of the first 80 vehicles to the Macro centers in Madrid and Toledo and will conclude in February.

Macro is one of the largest hospitality distribution companies in Spain and its sales force is the broadest in the sector, so this achievement represents a major advance in terms of sustainable mobility. In addition to the obvious benefits for the environment, this change also represents a significant progress for nearly 400 professionals in the sales team, who will be able to develop their activity in a simpler and more comfortable way, which will directly translate into better customer service: hospitality professionals.

One of the main reasons why Macro chose the Renault model was the innovative E-TECH Hybrid technology, which offers excellent energy efficiency thanks to the experience gained by the brand in Formula 1 and in the electric car. With 140 horsepower and steering assistance that are among the latest and most advanced in its class, the Clio E-TECH Hybrid allows city driving up to 80% of the time in electric mode and its consumption by up to 40% compared to a petrol engine. In fact, the hybrid Clio E-TECH has the ECO eco-label provided by DGT, which, among other advantages, will allow users to trade without restrictions in low-emissions regions.

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Vitality arrived David Martinez Fontano, CEO of Macro Spain: This agreement is part of our goal to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable economy with less impact on the environment. We are the largest distributor of hospitality in Spain and our sales force is the broadest in the sector, so this agreement represents a significant advance in terms of sustainable mobility.”

moreover, Sebastian Giggs, CEO of Renault and Alpine Iberia He stated: “Renault is a leading brand in the field of electric cars, and we are also the most growing brand of hybrid technology in Spain in 2021. This means that the customer appreciates the excellent performance of Renault E-TECH technology, based on our experience in F1 as in the electric car. We are proud that Macro trusts Renault to face its transition to sustainable mobility.”

for this part, Alberto Saez, CEO of LeasePlan, insisted thatLeasePlan’s sustainability strategy focuses on three main areas: the future of low-emission mobility, reducing our environmental impact, and enhancing our contribution to social well-being. Our “Drive to Zero” sustainability strategy is an example of business actions to address the major environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges facing the industry today. It is time to act and take concrete steps to build a better world. That is why, as a leader in the rental business, we must ensure cleaner, greener and smarter electric vehicles and be the pioneer in implementing avant-garde sustainable mobility. And that’s what we do.”

For Makro, sustainability is more than just working on environmental and social projects. Sustainability is a matter of attitude and modus operandi that encompasses all aspects of business: from commitment to employees, assortment to sustainable operations and social commitment. The company understands sustainability as a responsibility and opportunity for all of its operations to be in harmony with nature, society, employees, customers, investors and partners.

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For many years Renault has been committed to respecting the planet and developing an active environmental plan in the field of electric vehicles, circular economy and the reduction of carbon emissions. True to its commitment to decarbonization and always attentive to the needs and trends of customers in the automotive world, both individuals and companies, it has a market-leading electric range. Its strategic recovery plan aims to reduce Europe’s carbon footprint to zero by 2040.

LeasePlan is committed to achieving net zero emissions in its total funded fleet by 2030. LeasePlan is also a founding partner of The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative, which was launched around the United Nations General Assembly in September 2017 to promote the adoption of electric vehicles among the world’s largest companies.