May 18, 2024

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Marcos “El Mogrocito” Rivas, a former Mexican soccer player who played in all 11 positions for the team, has died.

Marcos “El Mogrocito” Rivas, a former Mexican soccer player who played in all 11 positions for the team, has died.

The Mexico 10970 World Cup winner left his indelible mark within Mexican football due to his “versatility”.

Mexican football is still in mourning, during the early hours of Saturday April 20 Marcos “Almogrosito” Rivas, former player and team legend, has passed away Atlantic Iron Colts And globalization in Mexico 70but he is best known for being the only footballer in the country to play in all 11 positions in the team.

Although it was Saturday when the unfortunate news was released, various reports indicate that he lost his life last Friday, April 19 in Durango At the age of 76, after not passing Inguinal hernia operationAccording to the journalist. Heriberto Murieta.

Atlante, the club where Marcos “Mogrocito” Rivas starred and was a loyal follower, expressed its condolences. Photo: X/Atlante FC

As mentioned earlier, “Almogrocito” is remembered because he played in all eleven positions on the field for the Colts, from goalkeeper to striker and winger, making him an icon of Mexican football and FC Barcelona.

Marcos Rivas Barrales died last night in Durango at the age of 76, after failing to undergo surgery for an inguinal hernia. The famous 'Mogroscito' played in all eleven positions for Atlante, from goal to left wing. A lovely and charismatic man. I feel in my soul the death of my childhood idol.

Heriberto Murieta expressed himself regarding the death of “Mogrosito” Rivas. Photo: X/Herberto Moreta

At national team level, Mogrosito was part of the team that played World Cup Mexico 1970; However, he was unable to get any minutes on the field of play.

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Marcos Rivas Barrales Known in the sports community as “Almogrosito,” he left an exceptional mark on football by playing in all positions during his career with the team. atlantic iron ponies between 1968 and 1973. Born in Mexico CityThis talented player played for several teams, including… Atlante, America, Black UdeG and Leon.

His ability to adapt to different roles on the field made him a unique figure in the history of the sport, being the only player in the world to achieve this feat. His nickname comes from an anecdote during his time at the training center, where a joke spread among his classmates.

Manolet Hernandez and Marcos Rivas had a strong friendship during their time with Potros de Hierro. Photo: X/Herberto Moreta

While focusing with Mexican national teamThe players were in the training center pool; However, it started to rain and the ground around it became dirty. It was and then it became Mario PerezPichojos made a joke towards the summoned athletes belonging to Iron foals: “Look how the filthy people from Atlante came out of the pool.”

From striker to goalkeeper Rivas He showed his versatility and exceptional physical condition. This ability was demonstrated in the match against Pumas, where, due to the sending off, he was forced to occupy the goal, and the substitute goalkeeper lent him his number. Despite the challenges he faced initially, his previous experience in different positions and dedication to coaching allowed him to perform successfully even in goal.

Rivas' ability to adapt to different situations on the pitch, supported by the cooperation of his teammates, has been key to his success as a footballer.

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