June 21, 2024

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Mary and Maxim set out on a Type bike to travel to New Zealand

For now, Mary and Maxim’s departure is scheduled for May 29, surrounded by their friends. (© less information typhoid)

When they talk about it, their eyes light up. Broad smiles never leave their face.

By the end of May 2021, Mary Abyss and Maxim Robert will be out.

Or go over their mounts to go on an adventure trip. They will be riding a bike from the Deep (Sean-Maritime) New Zealand!

Would love to meet

They are not the best cyclists. Anyway …

They have a good level of hope and an explosion of joy in their saddle bags, tons of people who want to meet others, other cultures and other lives …

And they are ready to change. This should be the key word for the couple for the next few years.

Tattoo Artist and Engineer

He was a tattoo artist in Dipey, Rue de la Halle-o-Blu. Him, logistics engineer at Le Havre.

He decided to leave his living room to his co-workers. He simply resigned.

Everyone on their side, they have already traveled a lot: Australia, Asia… two and a half years before meeting

Then they started dreaming about this world tour after their first trek in Nepal. “These eight days of walking to reach Annapurna Base Camp were fantastic,” Mary recalled.

The game is not challenging

“So we initially thought of going cattle. But at the hardware level there are a lot of obstacles. So we thought about it: we wanted to pollute as much as possible, the idea of ​​cycling was imposed. Because if you want, a truck, a train, a boat, ”say the two young men.

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Mary Abyss drew a map of their journey.
Mary Abyss drew a map of their journey. (© Mary Appies)

Because it’s not about turning their journey into a sporting challenge.

Bicycle is a means of departure on the roads, but without setting a date of arrival for a day or a country in kilometers.

According to health regulations

Both travelers know that everything is done consciously and that they will meet without a doubt.

Especially in this context of a global health crisis with borders that can be closed overnight.

But for them it is not a problem. Without a return date in France, they tell themselves that if they have to wait a week to get a visa or a month in a country, they will have to wait. “We are ready to work on site while we wait,” Maxim explains.

Because their purpose is to go out and meet citizens and ask for hospitality – they say, “But if that is not possible, we will always have our tent” – above all, to share pieces of life.

Work on site

In Maxim’s dreams, for example, is harvested in Georgia. Mary wants to discover permaculture, to participate in honey production …

Although the couple has set aside some money to live their travel dream, they are well aware that it is not enough depending on its length.

Both passengers will then learn how to roll their shirts. Mary carries her tattoo kit and her graphic palette in her saddle pockets.

It can respond to orders for logos, for example, or even make other posters, such as a post made in Tippecanoe.

Mary Abyss wants to create this Dippe poster and create others on the road.
Mary Abyss wants to create this Dippe poster and create others on the road. (© Mary Appies)

They used this artistic skill to plan their imaginary journey on a map. If the target for the time being is New Zealand, the couple will first travel to Britain (probably via a diversion via Ireland) and then to the Maghreb countries, ‘Italy, Turkey, Eastern European countries …

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Before this, they believe they can go to India and then to many Asian countries before reaching the destination.

Final or not, the future will only tell!

Follow them

Sharing is a word that resonates with Mary and Maxim. To take the DiPay residents with them on this exciting journey, they created an Instagram account and a Facebook page called “Bike_Circle”. In the next few months, a way to follow them in photos, maps …