June 23, 2024

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Matías Viña: “Bielsa is doing well, he really loves football and enjoys it in his own way”

Matías Viña: “Bielsa is doing well, he really loves football and enjoys it in his own way”

Matías Viña, the left-back of the Uruguayan national team, spoke about Marcelo Bielsa and stressed the goal that the Celeste will face in the Copa America. from the United States.

In a press conference, the Flamengo player evaluated Rosario’s coach: “He is doing well, he loves football very much and enjoys it in his own way.”.

He said about the work that was carried out during these days at the Celeste Complex: “We had preparations for the qualifiers, and we already know the mechanism and how the daily work comes about. “We know the training and exercises that will be carried out and that they are implementing the idea of ​​what we will propose in the matches.”

“All the players are working hard for this moment and it is very exciting to represent the national team again,” Viña said regarding the confirmation that he will be part of the 26-man squad called up by Bielsa for the cup.

He also highlighted La Celeste’s goal in the competition: “We will win, and that is why we will go; We’re getting ready and showcasing in part of the qualifiers the work that we’re doing and we’re going to capture that. We face one match after another, but the hope is always the same.”

“A message to the Uruguay fans? Thank you because from the first day you had to join the national team, you can see the love and appreciation you have for all of us. We have the responsibility of defending an entire country, which we enjoy because it is a very nice responsibility.“, the player expressed that he trained with the national champion of the South American U-20 Championship in Ecuador 2017.

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Finally, the former Nacional, Palmeiras, Roma, Bournemouth and Sassuolo defender pointed out Edinson Cavani retires From the Uruguay national team: “I learned a lot from him. I thank Eddie for everything he did for the national team, I enjoyed him as a teammate and as a Uruguay fan“.