June 25, 2022

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MAYRIT, the Madrid Biennale of Architecture and Design was born

MAYRIT, the Madrid Biennale of Architecture and Design was born

an actsWhat is Mairett?
The Architecture and Design Biennale will start this month in Madrid. It was proposed as a platform on which to transform both the city itself and the practice of design on many scales, addressing the relationships between this discipline and the environment, between society and the object or between public space and private space and addressing local challenges (influencing Madrid’s emerging landscape) globally.

an actsWho organizes it?
The designation was established by designers Miguel Lero and Victor Clemente; The first is its manager, and the second is its technical director. His team was completed by Andrea Lopez, Sonia Jonatan, Yetta Aguado, Victor Aguado, Maria Ona, Coca Guixeiras, Andrea Selda, Esther Merineiro, Ines Camiroga, Pablo Huertas, Jirai Mina and the Institute for Post-Nature Studies, which provides the theoretical framework.

an actsWho are your customers?
They are Victor Clemente, graphic designer and art director; Sophia Blanco Santos, Architect from ETSAM and from Harvard Graduate School of Design; Tres Tipos Gráficos, a creative studio founded in Madrid and originally focused on cultural projects; Sina Sohrab, an industrial designer with a studio in Madrid; Joel Blanco, Product Designer, Strategy Consultant, Artist and Accounts Common (Igor Bragado and Miles Gertler), architecture and design office based in Toronto and the Spanish capital.

an actsWhat does Mariette suggest from us?
Under the slogan sunken world(s), invites us to view design as a radical practice, an instrument of change capable of connecting with the environment and the present. This is the title of a science fiction novel by J.J. Ballard that explores, by recreating a flooded world, the profound effects of time, space, and the coexistence of species to question human-centered design narratives and suggests alternative ways of experiencing contemporary aesthetics.

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Reducing the boundaries between the various systems of creation, we will talk about symbiotic and fluid relationships, and, accordingly, about water, which is not only an essential component of our body, but also connects us with others. And with other facts, which bring us closer, from the point of view of the curators, to the context of Madrid: historical and also fictional.

an actsWho will be the participating architects and designers?
Long list: Yksuhc Juan, Kirby Casilli, Jonathan Castro, Nina Muro, Laura Sebastianes, Teresa Fernández-Pello, Clara Schweers, Nora Silva, Marta Armengol, Lucas Muñoz, Ana de Fontecha, Stef Fusani, An Wei, Grandeza.studio (Amaia) Sánchez-Velasco & Jorge Valiente Oriol), Joel Blanco, Malu Cayetano, Rastro Vendors, Laia Amigó, Tornasol Studio, Simón Sepúlveda, Julen Ussia, Swedish Girls, Pablo Bolumar, Joan Vellvé, Andrea Muniain, RAFT, Josepos Tam Vila Capdevila, SWAN SALON (Alba Eiriz and Arnau Anglada), Guillermo Trapiello, E1000, Javier Montoro, Villard x Brossard, Civil Architecture, Inés Sistiaga, Maria Buey, Max Milá, Clémentine Schmidt, Alex Werth, Delphine Lejeune, Marta Moya, Currene Merinero, Irene Merinero Claret, Casa Antillón, Belén Cabello, and Christophe Synak.

in sWhat dates and where will it be held?
It will take place from June 17 to July 6, 2022. His exhibitions can be seen in the National Museum of Decorative Arts, Matadero Madrid, Casa Antelon, Nave La Mosca, Room 34, Perpetua Foundation, Mercado San Fernando, Espacio Arnechis, Space to Be, Lahipoteca, El Chico , ACME Estudio and also online.

In addition, there will be talks in Matadero, Fonte Madrid and Galerie Roca Madrid. Workshops in Hall 34, ACME, Táctil and again in Matadero and performances at ETSAM and MOOD SALON.

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