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Memorandum of Understanding, Venezuelan Negotiations Guide

Memorandum of Understanding, Venezuelan Negotiations Guide

August 14, 2021, 0:1
Mexico, August 14 (Prensa Latina) The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the delegations of the Venezuelan Bolivarian government and Plataforma Unitaria (the opposition) is the guide to the negotiations that continue today in Mexico.

The statement is binding and is based on the premise of legal values ​​such as respect for life, freedom, justice, equality, solidarity, democracy, social responsibility and the priority of human rights.

Within this framework, the parties undertake to negotiate in order to promote inclusive democracy, a culture of tolerance, political coexistence, respect for human rights and to impose sanctions for their violation.

As a precondition, they will agree in negotiations on the conditions for conducting the electoral processes stipulated in the Constitution, with all guarantees.

However, this requires the lifting of sanctions on the Venezuelan state and the defense of the right to independence, freedom, sovereignty, immunity, territorial integrity and self-determination.

Thus, they reject any form of political violence against the state and its institutions, are committed to the stability and defense of the national economy, and recognize the need to build a vision for the future for all Venezuelans.

Negotiations began precisely yesterday with the signing of that memorandum, which was previously approved in Caracas, which also contains a potentially time-consuming agenda on these general principles.

At present, there is consensus to establish a comprehensive and gradual dialogue and negotiation process based on the mentioned agenda and the agreed negotiation format.

The points to be discussed are very specific and refer to political rights, electoral guarantees, election schedule, observers, lifting of sanctions, right to assets, and respect for the constitutional state.

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Political and social coexistence, renunciation of violence, compensation for the victims of this scourge, protection of the national economy, social protection measures for the Venezuelan people, and finally, guarantees of implementation, monitoring and verification of what was agreed upon were added.

The memorandum brings together other agreements, no less important, albeit general, such as respect for the principle of intensive, comprehensive, progressive and peaceful negotiation to establish clear rules for political and social coexistence, with absolute respect for the national constitution.

Negotiations will also take place under the principle of nothing being agreed until everything is agreed, though they may enter into partial agreements if they consider the matters to which they refer are urgent and verifiable.

The Dialogue has an international accompaniment, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Russian Federation, and a group of friends named Norway.