April 19, 2024

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Men arrested for trying to cross Gordon with KFC products in New Zealand Community

Men arrested for trying to cross Gordon with KFC products in New Zealand Community

New Zealand Police


This may seem unusual, but New Zealand police were able to catch a couple carrying it Lots of fried chicken From Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) In their trunk as they tried to escape Health ring What is there to enter the city Auckland.

Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacintha Artern, Declared 1.6 million people Their area as part of the city of Auckland should be in a defined condition Control strategy Of Govit-19.

KFC abduction

According to shared information DefenderThe two were arrested following a discovery by police Vehicle shaft Lots of fried chicken and more than that 100 thousand New Zealand dollars in cash.

New Zealand Police

Authorities said he was arrested after that They are said to have tried to flee Police station near the Auckland border.

This message was generated Anger in New Zealand Because they a Acute Level Four Locking Month, No It will not allow That Restaurants are opening Or residents can Order take out.

New Zealand Police

In this context, the authorities announced this Large amount of food Can be recognized as Abduction Through current health measures.

Officers noticed a suspicious vehicle traveling on Jallikkattu Road and when they saw the police car, the vehicle U-turn did He tried to avoid the police, “a police spokesman told The Guardian.

A week ago, they had too A man was arrested Someone trying to cross the Auckland border to see someone McDonald’s.

Finally, the police officers highlighted that the content they were carrying was minimal Three chicken cubes, Until 10 pots with kolsla, Four bags with more items And one Unpublished French fry size.

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