August 19, 2022

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Mercedes is heading in the right direction.

Mercedes is heading in the right direction.

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    George Russell is pleased with the progress his team has shown in the 13 races held in 2022 and believes it would not be a good idea to change the concept now because they are heading in the right direction.

    Mercedes must stick to the concept it started

    the team mercedes The 2022 season didn’t start the way it wanted, having come from dominating the rankings for eight years, Brackley’s men had many problems in the early rounds of the calendar, and those problems caused them to lose a lot of time with the advancing teams.

    The Silver Arrows team played a groundbreaking concept without pontoons, which turned out to be the most appropriate to date. however, George Russell He comments that this concept should not be changed now, because they are getting better little by little, and changing it may mean wasting more time.

    I don’t think changing the concept of the car will make us fasterIt might be the other way around to be honest. Sometimes you have to stick with the process and keep pushing.”Russell said in a statement compiled by Motorsport.

    “And that’s hard to do when you’re off the pace and things don’t seem to be going your way. But, Personally, I believe in everyone on our team, and I believe we will make great progress over time.George added.

    Mercedes is approaching

    Also, the Hungarian Grand Prix was great proof that Mercedes was able to take a step forward. This year the Silver Arrows have had more than one good weekend, and they’ve done well, but Hungary has been perpetuating that pace.

    The Hungaroring was a circuit that did not benefit from the W13 due to its characteristics, as well as the fact that the race was to be held in very cold temperatures.

    However, despite all the difficulties they were supposed to face in Hungary, George Russell managed to set the fastest qualifying lap and take pole, as well as claim a double podium finish in the race with Lewis Hamilton Show great pace.

    “We saw it with the work we did in qualifying and with the speed we achieved in the Hungarian race. I think At the beginning of the season we were finishing the races about a minute after the leader, now we are only 10 seconds slower.British commented.

    “So I think We are definitely going in the right directionGeorge Russell concluded.

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