June 20, 2024

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Messi ficha por el PSG: contrato, futuro de Mbappé y última hora de hoy, en directo

Messi signs for Paris Saint-Germain: the contract, Mbappe’s future and the last minute of the day, live broadcast

Messi on the BBC

Lionel Messi gave a series of intense interviews on Wednesday at the Princes’ Garden. Among other things, he awarded an award to Guillem Balagoy for the BBC. These were his statements.

At the beginning of an informal conversation, Messi admitted that he had been studying English for a year and a half. “I’ve been learning for a year and a half. When you’re there, you finally learn. I understand a lot and can talk.” “For rulers?” Balaji asked him while Messi shrugged his shoulders.

These were the rest of the statements

Your first trip to Barcelona and this trip to Paris: “The trip to Barcelona was a long time ago. I slept peacefully. I did the whole trip asleep. The trip to Paris was the opposite. I had a hard time sleeping and resting these days, worried about the uncertainty, about what was going on next from the Barcelona statement. We didn’t know what we were going to do. We had nothing specific. This tension and uncertainty… When he was going to start over, where he would go, change the family. It was complicated until I said goodbye to people, and I talked, that I was able to finish or direct my agreement with Paris Saint-Germain and start thinking about what’s coming. And there we started preparing ourselves individually and as a family for a change. From there, we thought about what was coming. It would be a very great experience for all five.”

He also told Jorge Messi that he could not renew: “My father came home. He went in the morning to meet Laporta. And when he came back he told me about the contraction. Then I had to get ready to tell Antonella, and thus tell the children. We were bitter and got up to see how we had said it to the children in the best way. In December we already told them we were going to stay, and that we We will continue, and we knew the blow that would come, more than Thiago, and then everything came, and the rest.

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Your children’s reaction: “Yes, a lot of times we think a lot and boys accept her in a way that we don’t. If Thiago holds her inside, it shows that he is happy, relaxed and ready for change. I know he is like me, he suffers on the inside without expressing it, but he is not serious. Also.He will adapt as everyone adapts, it will be a new experience and he will grow up.

As he passed it on to Neymar: “When my father first spoke to Leonardo, Ney already knew it. We talked, as with Di Maria and Paredes, about the possibility that he would come. They opened the doors for me and wanted it to be done. We were discussing the steps to see if he would come or not.”