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Mets vs.  Brewers - Game Report - September 19, 2022

Mets vs. Brewers – Game Report – September 19, 2022

Milwaukee-Milwaukee (AP) – For the New York Mets, closing a playoff pier was worth celebrating. Even when they have more ambitious goals in the midst of a fierce struggle for the division title.
Max Scherzer was pulled from his 200th career win with the perfect match still intact and the Mets made their first post-season debut in six years with a 7-2 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers on Monday.
Activated before the game from the handicap, Scherzer (10-4) scored nine goals in six runs. The 38-year-old ace threw only 68 throws, but that was all the leading NL East team allowed him on his first start in 16 days.
Brewers star Christian Yelich doubled to lead seventh place from Taylor Miguel on his debut after 27 starts. Miguel was also removed from the disabled list on Monday.
Pete Alonso hit three runs at home to Corbin Burns (10-8), judged NL Cy Young Corbin Burnes (10-8) and the Mets won their fifth straight game to secure at least one of their wild cards. league. They lead the NL East by one game over world champions Atlanta Braves, who beat Washington 5-2 at home.
“That’s what we play for. You play to be in the post-season,” Scherzer said. “We have a lot of things waiting for us that we know very well. But you have to know how to celebrate the good times, too.”
Mets players and coaches cuddled on the field after the final exit and then enjoyed champagne at the club. But it was a calculated celebration.
“This is just the first step. I have high expectations,” Mets manager Steve Cohen said, addressing the team. “If we can win the score, that would be great. Of course Atlanta is a formidable team, and they’re likely to fall back on that, and we’re going to do it. See what happens next “Qualifiers. I think this team can go very far.”
This is the 10th post-season run in the series’ 61-year history, and the first since the Mets lost to San Francisco at an NL wild-card game in 2016.
“We know that this is not the end goal, but it is part of our destiny,” Francisco Lindor Shortstop said.
For the Mets, Puerto Ricans Lindor scored 5-2 with two innings and one RBI record; and Thomas Naidoo 4-1 of the Reserve Bank of India. Venezuela’s Eduardo Escobar 3-2.
For beer, Dominican Willie Adams.

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