May 21, 2024

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Mexico. Mexico closes 2021 with more than 130,000 asylum seekers in the country

Madrid, 4 (Europe Press)

A report by the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid (Kumar) said the number of asylum seekers in Mexico closed the year at more than 130,000, nearly 87 percent more than the previous year.

The head of the organization, Andres Silva, posted on his official Twitter page that half of the total number comes from Haiti (51,857), followed by countries such as Honduras (36,361), Cuba (8,319), and Chile (6,970). ), Venezuela (6223) and El Salvador (6037).

The doubling of the number of asylum seekers strengthens Mexico as a transit and destination country, although the number has decreased in 2020 due to the pandemic and border closures, according to newspaper ‘El Informante’.

The Mexican government says that since March 2020, the return of people who claimed to cross for health reasons has increased. Specifically, the Mexican authorities indicate that the influx of people remained between 1,500 and 2,000 people per day, a third of whom are Mexicans, according to the newspaper, “Milinio”.

In late December, US President Joe Biden asked the US Supreme Court to rule on the “Stay in Mexico” immigrant program, which forces thousands of asylum seekers to wait in the Mexican state until hearings in the United States. States.

In recent weeks, the United States and Mexico have negotiated terms for restarting the programme, which the non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has described as an “aberration” because “government agencies responsible for implementing the plan “cannot implement it” in a way that respects human rights.”