June 21, 2024

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Microsoft reveals updated sales of Xbox Series X |  S and Xbox One in Brazil

Microsoft reveals updated sales of Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One in Brazil

We already know how many Xbox Series X | S sold to date, as well as the total number of Xbox One consoles sold since November 2013.

In a few months, it will be three years since the launch of the Xbox Series X | S, Microsoft’s new consoles, which appeared on the market with a clear objective: to surpass the numbers harvested by Xbox One, which lost a generation to PS4.

It is very unusual for Microsoft to publish sales data for its consoles. They did, according to estimates, with the Xbox One in 2021However, we don’t know exactly how many Series X and Series S were sold.

Earlier this year, a VGChartz estimate pegged the numbers to 18.5 million consoles. In this way, a 2:1 ratio is maintained with respect to its fiercest competitor, the PS5.

Sony and Nintendo usually publish official sales data. However, when it comes to Microsoft, we have to stick to estimates provided by industry analysts.

On this occasion, these are 100% official figures. Microsoft did not disclose it as such, however A slide of the ID @ Xbox presentation has been leaked At the BIG Festival in Brazil.

How many Xbox consoles have been sold so far?

Microsoft does not prioritize console sales. That’s why last year’s annual profit forecast (set at 780 million) wasn’t met, nor were Xbox Game Pass numbers.

Of course it must be said that the gross income Xbox Series X | s It vastly outperforms the Xbox One, and even the Xbox 360, and is Microsoft’s most successful console to date.

In this ID @ Xbox Presentation in Brazil, Microsoft discloses official sales data. We assume it has been updated to June 2023, but we don’t know exactly.

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With this data in hand, Xbox Series X | sold out S over 21 million consoles Since arriving in stores in November 2020.

If we compare it with PS5, which is already close to 40 millionWe understand that two PS5 consoles are sold per Xbox Series X | S. However, they are better numbers than those we experienced with the Xbox One.

Regarding the Xbox One, Microsoft’s console that no longer receives first-party games (it launched in 2013), the slide shows that 58 million units have been sold to date.

It’s not bad at all, and it can’t be considered a failure at all. These numbers are consistent with the estimate that someone sold less than half the PS4 (Sony’s console sold 117 million).

Xbox overview

the total, The current Xbox consoles (One, Series X, and Series S) have sold nearly 80 million unitsto which should be added the sales of the future Series S model (with a capacity of 1 TB and in black), which will hit stores on September 1.

Remember that Microsoft raised the price of the Xbox Series X by 50 euros, as was the case with the PS5 last year, and the same thing happened with Xbox Game Pass (on consoles). Instead, PC Game Pass and Xbox Series S maintain their original pricing worldwide.