July 1, 2022

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Miguel: "Australia is bigger than New Zealand, but Peru has the arguments to win"

Miguel: “Australia is bigger than New Zealand, but Peru has the arguments to win”

Coach Michael CompanyFormer national coach, explored possibilities Peru against AustraliaThis Monday, June 13th, defines their classification in a single match World Cup Qatar 2022.

In The Rotary of the Air, Technician I think that Australia Than “too much” New Zealand (Who did we win in the playoffs Russia 2018), But they are estimated to be headed Ricardo Carreca They have “arguments for success”.

“From a strict football perspective, Peru I set a higher percentage than that Australia To win. (…) This is the final match and they are the best match, ”he said.

“We are going to face a competitor with very different personalities, it depends on power, strength and speed. If Peru is strictly committed to handling the ball, that is where Peru stands alone; I think there will be many more opportunities for big success, “he added.

Miguel Company recalled both Peru (1930, 1970, 1978, 1982 and 2018) Australia He added five participants in the World Cups (1974, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018), although he considered us to have one of the most complex qualifying rounds in the world.

“Peru has a background of coming to play in the World Cup with the same people facing another World Cup. Australia has an updated squad. The team that played with Peru (in Russia 2018), He has only four players. There is renewal, ” he said.

Competitor Analysis: Australia

The coach, who also coached the national teams of Cuba and Honduran, did line-by-line analysis AustraliaA group he considered “with some variation” in the attack.

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“Almost always they come the same way and always seek the center from the sidelines and take advantage of the aerial game. The other thing they don’t have is talented players, players like this are not on the offensive side,” he said.

To Michael Company, Has the “lowest football generation” in the Australian midfield. “It simply came to our notice then. If Peru wins in the midfield, it will be more on the opposing field than its own field, which is important, ”he analyzed.

Finally, he rated, defensive, Australia It depends on the strength, power, speed and aerial game. “They are winners in the aerial game, but they will be subordinate to a competitor who has the same technical advantages as the Peruvian team.

Finally, Coach Stressed the importance of focusing 90 minute game. “Peru should have peace and quiet and leave without any weight psychologically,” he demanded.

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