May 16, 2022

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Mina Harker: Karyn Kusama's Dracula has been canceled days before filming begins

Mina Harker: Karyn Kusama’s Dracula has been canceled days before filming begins

The story of Dracula, the vampire created by Bram Stoker in 1897, has been the inspiration for many movie adaptations throughout the 20th century. Considered a classic in world literature, Stoker’s novel follows the guidelines of the universal personality of a vampire.

There are currently many modern cinematic adaptations of the ongoing novel, such as Renfield, Where Nicolas Cage embodies the character of the famous Count, and Dracula By Chloe Zhao, it was produced for Universal which will be told in the key to Western science fiction.

However, the project led by Karyn Kusama, one of the most anticipated projects by fans of the horror genre, was canceled a few days after the recording began.

As reported by Deadline broker, production company Blumhouse (recognized for films like Paranormal activity, purification And vile) decided not to continue shooting after Miramax – another company involved in making the film – withdrew from the project due to creative differences with the director.

Apparently, the parties failed to reach a consensus on how to tell the story. Although a resumption of discussions in the future is not ruled out, for now it is a final cancellation.

Initially, Blumhouse chose to promote Dracula’s adaptation after the good reception he had Invisible Man In 2020, a throwback inspired by another character from the classic horror.

It should be noted that Kusama is one of the most relevant directors in the industry, especially when it comes to horror films. He has directed films diabolical temptation s the invitationBoth are characterized by relief in the roles of female characters.

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on the elements that adapt it DraculaThe director stated that she would respect the novel’s novel as much as possible. His proposal will be set in the present, as Mina Harker – played by Jasmine Cephas Jones – confronts the Count in Los Angeles, referred to in the film simply as Vladimir.

Thus, the film would be a kind of vindication of the original story, as Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic version suggested that the relationship between the two characters was of a loving nature. Whereas, on the contrary, the novel suggests that Dracula’s adulation of Harker is for emotional torture and vampire feeding.