May 19, 2022

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Mini caja manual

Mini will stop manufacturing cars with a manual gearbox, will it be temporary?

In a statement, MINI stated that the manual gearbox will not be included in its models leaving the factory.



The shortage of components that affected the auto industry for several months was the main reason behind this MINI had to remove it Option Manual Transmission in their cars. The procedure starts in the UK, but can be extended globally.

The situation comes at a time when previous generations of the main models of the English manufacturer were in their country The last months of production. So, in addition, the decision would help simplify alignment The rest is being assembled.

Thinking about tweaking strategies with minimal impact, the brand said this movement is all about it Stability guarantee from production. It wasn’t clear, yes it would temporary measure Or models that will hit a new cycle, will remove them from their view.

Mini Cooper Break Lane Edition

MINI, without manual transmission

Confirmation of the final cancellation of the manual gearbox is too hasty at this time, because everything will depend on the duration The crisis is spreading of micro-components or others current conditions, Like the conflict in Ukraine, according to Minnie.

If these factors continue to affect the industry, Next year and beyondit is very likely that future generations will initially include, automatic transmission a series. Keeping in mind that the premieres will be arriving soon.

The nearest novelty is the new hatchback developed by the brand Mini Country Man which are already advancing the tests. Both forms are to be submitted before the end of 2022, It will be available in the market in the first quarter of next year.

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Mini Cooper Butt Moss Edition

“to Maximum performance guarantee To meet the increasing customer demand, our product offering must be simplified. this is the solution The most effective method It ensures the stability of production.”

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Jessica Paula Vera Garcia. source: coach bus