June 25, 2022

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Modera received an award in New Zealand

Modera received an award in New Zealand

New Zealand teams tend to get some foreigners from the Pacific, such as Samoans, Tongans or Fijians. But take one from another region, almost nothing. An American? Less. Up to Paul ModeraFigure CookersThe former captain overcame that obstacle by coming to the Crusaders last February.

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For an actor like some, it didn’t take long for the third tier to transform the 6 teams that are considered the best team in the world and win. So much for the Christchurch Provincial team’s annual awards The pioneer who emerged among the alumni made a difference by making his debut in the club gala.

Madera, with the Crusades.

Madera, with the Crusades.

It was given to them by any of the alumni who came The MarohirohiOffered from this year for stand-alone “Represent someone who has shown determination, determination, strength and courage within our team”As indicated in the ad.

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Pumas 7s ranked fifth and are the new leaders in the circuit

The Crusaders are the team that holds all the super rugby records. This is the team that adds the most titles (10 out of 25, his followers only accumulate 3 each: the Blues of New Zealand, the Prombees of Australia and the Bulls of South Africa); The most successful (276) and one The more goals scored in a game (96 for Australian Weekly in 2002).

Modera, starter and debut in February.

Modera, starter and debut in February.

He was the 2019 champion in the last game the Jaguars played (Runner-up) and South Africans. Today, the tournament will feature five New Zealand teams, five Australians and one Fijian and one Samoan team. This is called Super Rugby Pacific..

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The Poomas 7s could not win gold as they fell against Ireland

The Crusaders go into the second (10-3) blues (12-1). The 28-year-old Modera, who has played 10 of 13 games, has started 8 times. He received a yellow card for supporting an attempt. Like Las Puma, they usually highlight their performance on the field. Achieving it in crusaders is not easy, the best in the world, and less so for a foreigner.

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The remaining gifts

Ethan Blackberry Player of the Year and Champion Crusader of the Year; Cullen Grace He took the year forward; Will Jordan Got a comeback this year Zach Gallagher Won the Rookie of the Year award.

Modera, with Las Puma.

Modera, with Las Puma.

The Crusaders play the seventh Australian Super Rugby Pacific match against the Reds in Argentina (usually broadcast via Star +) next Friday at 4:35 p.m. Four New Zealand teams are in the top 5 in this tournament.


Pose. Group PJ PG PE Tf / Tc Pts

1 Blues (NZ) 13 12 0 1 185 54

2 Crusades (NZ) 13 10 0 3 189 48

3 Prombs (Au) 13 10 0 3 108 44

4 Heads (NZ) 13 9 0 4 104 41

5 Hurricanes (NZ) 13 8 0 5 116 38

6 NSW Vardas (Au) 13 8 0 5 51 37

7 Queensland Reds (Au) 13 8 0 5 28 35

8 Highlanders (NZ) 13 4 0 9 4 22

9 Western Force (Au) 13 3 0 10 -122 19

10 Melbourne Rebels (Au) 13 3 0 10 -150 16

11 Fijian Trua (Fiji) 13 2 0 11 -256 Eleven

12 Mona Pacifica (Sam) 13 1 0 12 -257 6