April 12, 2024

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"Monument Impunity"

“Monument Impunity”

President Gustavo Petro and ex-President Ivan Duque sparked sparks about the possibility that the ex-president of the extinct FARC guerrilla, Ivan Marques, would enter into the policy of “complete peace” of the historic pact government. The scene of a strong shock was Twitter.

The first to spread a message was former President Ivan Duque, who threw several arrows against “comprehensive peace”, Public criticism of rewarding FARC defectors, who voluntarily abandoned the peace process, is precisely the case of Ivan Marques.

But Duque went further and recalled the principle of non-repetition which, he emphasized, must go hand in hand and as a pillar of any negotiation, warning of: Otherwise, the country will be at risk of impunity, which will only benefit the perpetrators and not the victims.

The principle of “non-repetition” is that the perpetrators of repeated crimes in terrorism are punished with severe and exemplary penalties, in addition to state persecution. Rewarding FARC defectors and Yvonne Marquez with ‘Perfect Peace’ would be a monument to impunityDuke trilled.

And President Petro immediately reacted the same way, Twitter. There, the head of state sent Duque a sarcasm about compliance with the agreements: “The principle of repetition has a fundamental basis: full compliance by the state with its word in the agreements.”

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Evan Marquez is still in the sights of the United States

The US ambassador to Colombia, Francisco Palmieri, spoke at length with week. In an interview with director, Vicki Davila, The diplomat explained the situation of Ivan Marques before the judge of that country.

The journalist asked him: Is the US justice system still looking for Ivan Marques? The ambassador’s response was strong: Yes.. Are they looking for him to smuggle drugs.. Again, yes. About whether it appears that after the peace signing in Havana, Today he is considering the inclusion of those fleeing the operation in complete peace, as the ambassador gave an answer. “The government wants complete peace, we must talk to the people and groups that can come to this agreement with the government“, he added.

Francisco Palmieri, US Ambassador in charge – picture: William Torres Queen

On the question of whether he died, The ambassador said, “Yes, I understand that. Yes… I don’t have all the data because that happened a long time ago. I knew he was dead.”

“We wanted to hand him over to be tried in the United States,” Palmieri confirmed.

The ambassador also spoke about the controversy that arose at the time about the involvement of United States judicial cooperation in that case. “It was never a trap. He noted that there were many armed members of the FARC who had returned to their illegal activities, and in this case it is very clear: there was no trap.”

“He was a drug dealer,” he concluded.

Evan Marquez’s health

Several days ago, the High Commissioner for Peace, Danilo Rueda, was strong and confirmed the meeting he had with Ivan Marques, the second Marquitalia head of the FARC dissidents, despite the fact that he had rearmed and returned to the illegal drug trade. . An official in the Presidency of the Republic revealed Marquez’s position on the comprehensive peace policy.

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Rueda noted that the Marquez is pure, bent and has a desire for peace, which is what the criminal organizations of the so-called FARC dissidents possess, according to the official.

As he told Radio Bleu: “Ivan Marquez is alive, clear and aware.”

Left to right: Commissioner Danilo Rueda and saboteur Ivan Marques.
Left to right: Commissioner Danilo Rueda and saboteur Ivan Marques. – picture: week

In a press conference with several media outlets, including week, The national government official went further and provided details of the meeting with the chief of the dissidents: “It’s an exploration, he (Evan Marquez) has expressed his desire and his organization’s desire to be part of a comprehensive peace.”

The High Commissioner for Peace, although he did not give details of where to meet with the Marquez, He has said on several occasions that the second Marquetalia president will be in Venezuela with serious health problems.