April 22, 2024

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Moon phases of the month

Moon phases of the month

this April starts with The moon is in the waning quarterwhich will change the stage until it ends Full moon or pink moon.

Moon phases in April 2024

according to Astrological agenda 2024 From the National Geographic Institute (IGN). Lunar calendar for April is the following:

  • The last quarter: April 2 (5:14 AM), under Capricorn.
  • new Moon: April 8 (8:21 p.m.), under the sign of Aries.
  • crescent moon: April 15 (9:13 pm), under Cancer.
  • Full moon: April 24 (01:49 hours), under Scorpio.

The four phases of the moon

  1. The last quarter. When the moon reaches three-quarters of the month, one side of its disk appears illuminated (the opposite of the view in the first quarter).
  2. new Moon. The moon is located between the Earth and the sun, and at this point the satellite cannot be seen because the brightness of the sun eclipses it.
  3. Quarter crescent. The Moon moves eastward away from the Sun in the sky until half of the Moon's disk is illuminated; At that time, the moon will have completed a quarter of the total lunar month.
  4. Full moon. One side of the Moon is completely illuminated by the Sun, and the satellite has completed half of the lunar month. After the full moon, during the second half of the lunar month, the moon becomes thinner each day.

he Moon calendar It's evidence astronomical To know what the night sky will look like, but it is also an ancient mechanism for measuring and calculating time after the luminous phases of a satellite. It has been an essential tool for agriculture, navigation, and other nature-related sectors, and is also a source of multiple beliefs.

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