June 21, 2024

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More than 300 arrests in pro-Palestine protests in New York

More than 300 arrests in pro-Palestine protests in New York

The activists closed the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge, and the Netherlands Tunnel with banners reading, “Lift the siege on Gaza” and “End the Israeli occupation” of the Palestinian territories.

This Monday, Palestine solidarity movements reached the New York Stock Exchange, where those gathered chanted: “If we don't get justice, you won't have peace!”

They called on Wall Street to “no more money for the American/Israeli war machine!!,” according to video clips circulating on social media.

One of the messages posted on We Say No!

Protests in support of Palestine have become common in recent months, especially in New York, since last October 7 after a surprise Hamas attack against Israel that left 1,200 people dead.

Palestinian sources indicate that the Zionist regime's response was the comprehensive siege of Gaza, the criminal bombing campaign on the coastal strip, and the ground invasion, which has so far left more than 23 thousand dead, most of them women and children.

On December 27, they similarly protested at Los Angeles International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Over the weekend, Saturday, despite the weather conditions of extreme cold and snowfall, hundreds of people took to the streets of New York in their crusade in support of the Palestinian people.

Also on the social network is an activist, as well as a classically trained cellist, playing the Palestinian national anthem.

A group of activists on Monday boycotted President Joe Biden's speech at Mother Emanuel Church in South Carolina.

“I understand your passion,” Biden commented minutes later when he resumed speaking.

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The president stated that he was “quietly working with the Israeli government to dramatically reduce and abandon Gaza,” but so far the United States has never talked about a final ceasefire.

After three months of escalating conflict, the flames of war could spread throughout the Middle East.