June 23, 2024

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Native Keychain app on Apple: So you can get it

Native Keychain app on Apple: So you can get it

In today’s fast-paced world, where our mobile devices are our second or even first brain. Our lives are stored in them in the form of photos, applications, documents or passwords. This last point is one of the most important, because we rely on the key manager of our iPhone to access many services, applications, places, etc.

Therefore, it is very important to have a good password manager. Apple owns it, and we can access it through the system settings, thanks to facial recognition using Face ID or fingerprint recognition using Touch ID, depending on the terminal. However, one The original application is called Keychain Or something similar, will please all of us who often access the manager and have to search for it within the overpopulated Settings app. That, or create a shortcut, which we’ll also tell you about at the end of the article.

Keychain, the app to save our lives

Keychain will be more than just a password management app. Will be Digital savior Which securely stores all our credentials, from passwords to credit card information, without compromising security. By being integrated natively into the Apple ecosystem, it will leverage the power and security of the brand’s hardware and software to provide an exceptional user experience.

Currently, although Apple offers Solid password manager It’s built into your operating system, and accessing it isn’t as quick or intuitive as it could be. Currently, users can emulate a similar experience through shortcuts, but this solution is only an approximation of what is really needed: a dedicated app like Keychain.

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Imagine that you are in a situation where you urgently need to access a bank account, but you do not remember the password. With Keychain, everything you need is just a few clicks away. Its seamless integration into the Apple ecosystem means you can Access your passwords Simply authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID, without having to navigate through multiple apps or system settings.

In addition, this application can have an intuitive interface that allows us to do this Password classification By categories, with images of the logo of each application or web page, and much more, making it easy to refer to a specific password.

Shortcuts are the only solution

The only current way to press a button and access the “app” that manages our passwords is to create a shortcut that takes us directly to the password manager. We can embed this shortcut on our iPhone screen as a widget, so that it acts as a file Shortcut button To the application.

To create it, we must follow Next steps:

  • Enter the Shortcuts application.
  • Add the “Open” action.
  • Here we will choose “Show passwords” (we can write it at the top).

Password shortcut

That’s it, so we can get on The piece takes us right in To the native password manager on our iPhone.

Apple Shortcuts is a revolutionary tool that allows users to easily customize and automate tasks on their iOS devices. From streamlining workflow to creation Custom shortcutsShortcuts provide an intuitive and powerful experience to improve productivity.