August 19, 2022

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Necaxa from Mexican football fire coach Guillermo Vázquez

Necaxa from Mexican football fire coach Guillermo Vázquez

Necaxa reported, on Friday, through his social networks, the dismissal of coach Guillermo Vazquez, who signed on Thursday the fourth consecutive defeat of the team in the inaugural Mexico 2021 Championship by losing 1-0 to Pachuca.

“We thank Guillermo and his coaching staff for the time they have been at the helm of our team and have demonstrated dedication, professionalism and dedication at all times,” said Rios in a press release.

Vazquez started his second stage at the head of Necaxa in Clausura 2021 and in almost two tournaments the team did not qualify for the final stage and left a mark with four wins, one draw and 11 losses.

“We wish Guillermo Vazquez and his team the greatest success in their upcoming projects,” the Aguascalientes-based group added in the statement.

Los Rios, who are 14th in Apertura with nine points after 10 games, reported that in the next few days they will appoint a new strategist.

After Pachuca’s fall on Thursday, Vazquez attended the post-duel press conference in which he confirmed that Necaxa’s board of directors had not given him an ultimatum, despite the poor results.

“They didn’t give me any warning message, but support, with the idea going forward, was what was discussed at the beginning of the week. I see the team are competitive in training, but things are not going well at match time.”

Before the start of the 2021-2022 season, Necaxa admitted to a group of foreign investors led by German footballers Mesut Ozil, American actress Eva Longoria and baseball player Justin Verlander.

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Together with the new capital, the team managers made several registrations to promote Vazquez, among them Uruguayan defender Agustin Oliveros, Mexican midfielder Jonathan Gonzalez and Argentine striker Mauro Quiroga.

Despite the signings, Vazquez couldn’t improve the team’s present, allowing for the tournament’s second-worst defense with 16 goals.