May 22, 2022

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Wuling Air

New small electric car from General Motors for China

Introducing small electric city cars is doing well for General Motors in China. It has a new model: Walling Air.



to accompany Wuling Mini EV Which has become a global phenomenon, General Motors, together with its Chinese partner SAIC, has introduced a new small car based on the same concept. its name Wellinger It is electric and affordable.

Little Air would be positioned, one step above the Mini EV as a “more premium” option with higher mechanical and equipment quality, even so it would still be a low-cost model. Aesthetically they share some characteristics.

The industrial registration images are what allowed the vehicle to be detected before the trademark was made official. It has been reported that it will be offered in two different configurations: With two or four seatsthe latter is a copy of Extended wheelbase.

Walling Air

First approach to Wuling Air

Its exterior design highlights a chrome bar It is located directly under the windshield that connects to the rearview mirrors on each side. There is a black piece on the lower edge that serves as a bumper and a pair of main headlights with Sharp design.

The difference between the two-seater and four-seater versions is obvious at first glance, such as the Wuling Air that can accommodate four passengers he have rear window It is lower than the passenger position in front of it. The longer wheelbase is also noticeable.

It is equipped with alloy wheels 12″ and at the rear features a vertical light cluster with separate headlights to complement LED light strip Which passes through the tailgate, where the letters “Wuling” are also placed.

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In terms of dimensions, a vehicle can measure 2.59m to 2.97m In length when the customer needs more space on the plane. Like we said, it’s more powerful than the Mini EV, reaching 41 hp.

Walling Air

The maximum battery capacity is 28 kWh who allows Autonomy 150 km Measured in the local cycle, it offers a limited speed of 100 km/h. While the range of small electric cars expands in China, in Colombia, Wuling Mini EV It can be purchased now.

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Jessica Paula Vera Garcia.