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New Zealand 13 cases for death of 22 tourists in volcanic eruption |  International

New Zealand 13 cases for death of 22 tourists in volcanic eruption | International

Wagari Volcano (White Island, commonly known in New Zealand), Exploded On December 9 last year, ash, toxic gases and rocks more than three kilometers high erupted. At that time 47 people visited the place, which is located on the east coast of the North Island, on one of the popular tours where tourists can reach the lake within the volcanic smoke zone. The explosion caused death 22 of them and the survivors sustained serious injuries, some of whom are still receiving treatment for burns. After a year of investigation, the administrator has filed charges this Monday against those responsible for failing to guarantee security.

Labor Safety Agency The New Zealand government, Workspace, has launched an investigation Tragically and a few days later on Monday, it announced that it would finally file charges against 13 parties (10 organizations and three individuals) involved in the incident for failing to fulfill their responsibility to protect workers and visitors to the volcano. “This is an unforeseen event, but that does not mean it is unpredictable,” Workspace managing director Bill Parks explained at a news conference. “Those who visited the island did so with the reasonable expectation that appropriate arrangements had been made to ensure that they returned home safely.”

Companies facing trial for violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act can be fined up to NZ $ 1.5 million (approximately 80 880,000). Among them, as expected, the owners of the island, the company that provided Tours And helicopter owners who took tourists to the volcano. But what’s even more surprising is that two government agencies are among the accused: GNS Science, which controls the country’s volcanic activity; And the National Emergency Management Agency. GNS Science has confirmed that it will protect its work and its staff and cooperate with authorities in the investigation.

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Three weeks before the eruption, GNS Science detected a change in activity at Wagari and revised the four-level warning level for the volcano. He told tour operators and local press that White Island was no longer at Warning 1 (minimum volcanic activity), but at level 2: “high volcanic eruption with potential for volcanic eruption.”

Company with a monopoly on Tours They did not cancel visits because they operated under Level 2 with nothing happening at other times. In fact, an unreleased record was made public at the beginning of the month, which shows the extent to which the risk added to visits was accepted. In a video recovered from the mobile phone of one of the victims, a tour guide is heard saying: “The higher the level, the higher the risk of an explosion. Level 3 is an explosion, ”he explains to tourists.

The judicial process to determine whether these companies and institutions were negligent will begin on December 15 with a preview. Some of the survivors have already expressed their satisfaction with Orxafe’s announcement because they feel they have not been properly informed of the level of danger they face.

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New Zealand is a tourist destination, famous for its natural activities and extreme sports, it was the first country Bungee jumping (Jumping off the bridge) 1988. By the same adrenaline rush, about 10,000 tourists each year visit Wagga Wagga, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, open to mass tourism and allowed to walk up the ravine. The Tours The volcano was canceled indefinitely after the tragedy, and the Ministry of Labor announced an amendment to the law regulating adventure activities, with special focus on events occurring in dangerous natural environments.

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