May 18, 2024

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New Zealand and the odd pair of pants due to “menstrual anxiety”.

New Zealand and the odd pair of pants due to “menstrual anxiety”.

New Zealand Women's TeamThe 2023 World Cup co-host with Australia will debut his new horse, ditching the white of his shorts in this Saturday's friendly. A change appreciated by its players as it reduces “menstrual anxiety”..

Green is the color for one of the World Cup contenders

For the first time, the Ferns – known as New Zealand's women's team – will wear shorts. Green in his first uniform It's part of a global shift from female athletes wearing white shorts to a white shirt.

“The blue color is a striking change and even better, the absence of white shorts is fantastic Women with any type of menstrual anxiety. “It's always something that not only female footballers but female athletes have to deal with,” said forward Hannah Wilkinson in a statement from the Oceanic nation's football confederation last Monday.

The footballer, who has more than 100 international caps, promises that the color change helps athletes “focus more on their performance” in their sport. “Women's Health Recognition and Appreciation Program”.

“Proud to be a part of this movement,” New Zealand winger Annalee Longo, who was part of the uniform presentation, said on Instagram on Tuesday.

Nike and New Zealand team up to support female athletes

new equipment, Making his debut this Saturday against Iceland, It was presented on Monday with a second uniform, which does not change the usual black color of the shirt and pants, both of which went on sale from Wednesday.

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In addition to the color, the multinational Nike – which also sponsors the New Zealand team and other women's teams such as the USA and England – also switched to white -, Adds waterproof material to shorts to help soccer players feel more secure during menstruation.

The color change was supported by the confederation and the World Cup organizers. It takes place between July 20 and August 20 and works to “ensure that football is welcoming and inclusive for everyone who wants to participate at all levels,” says Paula Hansen, Director of Inclusion and Legacy of the Cup. Women's World Cup New Zealand.

New Zealand's New Pants (Photo: New Zealand Social Networks)

A trend in women's sports is to drop white on the bottom of women's sports uniforms.

In November, the Wimbledon tennis tournament — where everyone traditionally wears white — pointed to that Women will be allowed to compete with dark colored clothing under skirts or trousers; The Irish rugby team changed white to blue in March, for example.