May 19, 2022

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New Zealand announced tariffs and new restrictions on imports from Russia

New Zealand announced tariffs and new restrictions on imports from Russia

Foreign Minister Nanaya Mahuda

Officers of New Zealand announced on Wednesday that it would impose a 35 per cent tax on all goods imported from Russia. Extends existing export barriers to industrial products closely related to strategic Russian industries.

“Pictures and reports of atrocities against civilians in Pucha and other parts of Ukraine are hateful and reprehensible, and New Zealand continues to retaliate against Putin’s senseless acts of aggression,” said Foreign Minister Nanaya.

He stressed in this regard “Russia must be held accountable for war crimes and atrocities against innocent civilians.” “New Zealand, along with 41 other countries, announced its support for the International Criminal Court (ICJ)’s trial and funded the trial,” it added.

Therefore, these new sanctions used by New Zealand seek to “put pressure on the Putin regime” along with other measures used by the international community. “Hostilities must stop in Ukraine”Commerce Minister Damien O’Connor said.

New Zealand announced tariffs and new restrictions on imports from Russia
New Zealand announced tariffs and new restrictions on imports from Russia

The new sanctions, announced by New Zealand officials, will take effect on April 25, according to a New Zealand administration statement that points to “New Zealand’s most important economic response to the Russian invasion to date.” .

For its part, The White House announced on Tuesday that it would provide a further $ 100 million in military aid to Ukraine.It has been bringing more than $ 1.7 billion in US aid to the European country since the start of the Russian invasion.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken noted in a statement today that President Joe Biden had authorized the removal of new artifacts from the Department of Defense “in order to meet the urgent need for additional anti-arms organizations from Ukraine.”

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Pentagon spokesman John Kirby noted that these were Javelin anti – missile missiles supplied by the United States to Ukraine, and that the country was defending itself “very effectively.”

Blinken recalled “atrocities committed by Russian forces in Pucha.”He stressed that Washington and its allies would firmly support Ukraine in its “bold” defense of “sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

In that regard, he said, more than 30 countries, except the United States, have been sending military aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the occupation by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24.

“Together, we are sending security assistance every day and accelerating the export of more weapons and defense equipment that Ukraine will use to defend itself.”He added.

In addition to “strengthening Ukraine’s position on the battlefield and at the negotiating table, its allies are collecting data” to document reported abuses and bringing them before appropriate bodies for accountability, he said.

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