April 19, 2024

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New Zealand has seized the black box of the Ladam plane, which was shaken violently during its flight from Sydney to Santiago de Chile.

New Zealand has seized the black box of the Ladam plane, which was shaken violently during its flight from Sydney to Santiago de Chile.

The New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Board announced on Monday that it had seized the black box of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner belonging to Chile-Brazil airline Ladam. Sydney, Australia, Santiago, Chile. In what the airline called a “technical incident”, 13 people were hospitalized at Auckland Health Centre. According to health workers at St. John's Hospital in New Zealand, emergency crews treated about fifty passengers at the airport.

Aviation New Zealand authorities have recovered the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder of flight LA800, which was carrying 263 passengers and nine crew on a Sydney-Auckland-Santiago route. The information collected will be processed to identify the causes of the incident. The Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC)The government agency responsible for overseeing air travel in Chilean territory will participate in the investigation by sending a qualified representative.

The incident happened minutes before the flight from Australia was scheduled to make a stopover in New Zealand. Passengers described the plane as suddenly falling and crashing, causing a strong shake in the cabin. Some witnesses reported that some of the passengers jumped from their seats and hit the roof due to this incident. Larry Reif, a Colombian national who was sitting in the second cabin of the plane, said that the third cabin was the most affected. “I stretched my head to look back and it looked like people had passed through the war,” the traveler recounted. New Zealand Herald.

Auckland Emergency Services said it had treated around 50 people after the shock. Latham described the situation and confirmed that 13 people – 10 passengers and three crew members – were sent to hospital to have their health checked. The most seriously affected were four Australian citizens; Two Brazilians; Two New Zealand players; A Frenchman and a Chilean. The airline said most of the injured have been discharged and only one passenger and one crew member suffered injuries that required additional care but were not life-threatening.

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Latham regretted the incident, which was classified as a “technical incident”, and promised to cooperate with the investigation by New Zealand aviation authorities. Finally, it said it will provide food and accommodation to passengers who have to wait for the rescheduled flight, which departed at 8:00pm New Zealand time this Tuesday.

The plane involved in the incident was manufactured by US company Boeing, which is facing a delicate crisis due to repeated accidents involving its equipment. A report released in late February by US regulators called into question the “security culture” of multinationals.

The Sydney-Auckland-Santiago route is one of the most popular due to high Chilean immigration to Australia and New Zealand. Every year thousands of travelers travel from the South American country to Oceania to go on vacation, complete a student exchange or seek employment opportunities. The enormity of these journeys has led major airlines to engage in direct flights, which last almost 17 hours.

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