July 14, 2024

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New Zealand raises minimum wage and raises taxes on the rich

New Zealand raises minimum wage and raises taxes on the rich

New Zealand has raised the minimum wage and taxes on the rich as part of President Jacintha Order’s efforts to combat the two measures and inequality that will take effect on Thursday and to boost the economy after the impact of the Govt.

When New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Arden announced on Monday that the new minimum wage would be raised from NZ $ 18.90 (€ 11.27) to NZ $ 20 (€ 11.93) an hour, the key measure was that election promises would benefit 175,000 people.

An election promise

Ortern raises the minimum wage to 11.93 euros per hour

And the maximum tax from Thursday would increase the income of people earning more than NZ $ 180,000 (approximately 107,316 euros) to 39 per cent, while the cap was 33 per cent. The move is expected to affect two per cent of taxpayers.

According to official estimates, the new tax ceiling, which will be part of a series of tax measures, will provide $ 550 million (8 328 million) (37 378 million) by 2024 for fiscal 2021 and an additional $ 634 million to the Treasury.

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The Ordinance, which comes into effect on Monday, April 1, after the Cabinet meeting, “represents the real and long-awaited improvements in the support we provide to the most vulnerable (citizens).”

The minimum wage hike, which affected many key workers during the Govt-19 epidemic, was praised by trade unions and criticized by businesses, who say they have not yet recovered from the economic damage left by Govt-19, which has led to various prisons. Especially in Auckland.

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Companies have hired more staff since January, although more than 200,000 people are still receiving assistance

“While nearly 1,000 businesses have recently closed, many in the hospitality sector in particular say they can no longer handle the increases because they have trouble paying rent,” opposition leader Judith Collins said Wednesday. Chain TVNZ.

According to data from the New Zealand Ministry of Social Development, companies across the country have been hiring more employees since the beginning of the year, yet more than 200,000 people are receiving unemployment benefits, an increase of nearly 60,000 internationally from mid-March.

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The Treasury Ministry released a report last December stating that the deficit for the fiscal year 2020/21, which ends on June 30, will be NZ $ 10.1 billion (€ 5.89 billion), which is lower than any forecast, although net debt will rise to 45.6 percent of GDP by 2023-24.

New Zealand, this Closed its borders to prevent infection And Ordered one of the toughest locks in the world While there were only 50 cases in March, it has accumulated with 2,141 confirmed infections and 26 deaths.