June 23, 2024

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New Zealand – South Korea, stocks, potential queues, rival channel

Football makes its debut at the Olympics this Thursday. In Group B, New Zealand and South Korea lead. If the Koreans start the favorite for this encounter and give their last good overall results, the players Kim Haq-Bum should be even more cautious in the jealous New Zealand selection. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about this competition.

Neither team can trust its public support, Govt needs, each has its strengths. On the South Korean side, Experienced Ui-Jo Hwang and Chang-Hoon Kwon Will be responsible for providing valuable advice to the team. First evolution in Bordeaux, Know the intensity of high level competitionSecond, the South Korean club is playing in Suwon. Recently defeated by France in a production competition, So South Korea is eager to wash away this defeat, By starting the competition in the best possible way.

The New Zealand team appears to be very cautious. Used to play against relatively weak teams, Danny Havin’s players clearly appear to be a underdog. Winston Reid and Gianni Stains, the only players to know the first European level to play for West Ham, clearly fail New Zealand at this meeting, but football has many surprises for us. One that the French team has set aside for us at the Euros this summer.

Possible songs

South Korea: Pum-Kyun Song-Yoon-Sung Kong, Song-Min Lee, Tae-Wook Jeong, Yu-Hyun Lee-Dong-Hyun Kim, Cheung-Won Jung-Song-Hoon Kwon, Kong-In Lee, Won-Song Im, Ui-Jo Hwang

New Zealand: Michael Wood – Liberto Caucasus, Dan Ingham, Nando Bijnecker, Winston Reid – Gianni Stains, Clayton Lewis, Elijah Henry Just, Joe Bell – Chris Wood, Period McWatt

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Competitive channel

The competition will take place Thursday July 22 at 10:00 am, And will be aired France2.