October 18, 2021

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New Zealand won the rugby title by defeating South Africa

New Zealand won the rugby title by defeating South Africa

New Zealand Victory, this Saturday, the Rugby Championship Thanks for the win against him South Africa (19-17), their fifth win in several matches of the tournament, in a fight they played in Downsville (Australia).

‘All Blocks’ beat South African world champions after a close match, the 100th match between the two teams, due to penalties Jordi Barrett In the end, the tournament gave New Zealand their second consecutive title.

Barrett’s four penalties from the last and final in the 78th minute, which also helped the Champions to win, were converted by Will Jordan at the start of the match (2 minutes).

Springbox scored an attempt, thanks to Spu n Cozy, early in the game (min 6), missed by kicker Hendrey Pollard.

Still, like Bartard, Pollard hits four penalties.

“If we ever have to choose a bad hit, we ‘ll pick it up.”All Blocks Manager Ian Foster abbreviated.

“It was clear it was going to be a controversial match. We tried to get on the scoreboard, but we could not. The match was not good, but in the end I liked my team’s attitude,” he added.

This new title further confirms New Zealand’s dominance in a championship, which has been won 18 times in 26 editions.

During the new win against South Africa, the ‘All Blocks’ are still in the Grand Slam tournament where they win the Independence Cup on October 2 at the same time.

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