August 16, 2022

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New Zealand’s largest city again isolated by Govt-19 | News

Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, returned to prison this Saturday after a new case of Govt-19 was discovered in the city, according to the country’s government.

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The decision was accepted by Prime Minister Jacinta Artern, who said the city would return to the Level 3 alert for at least seven days, two weeks after the city closed for three days due to the corona virus.

Awareness level 3 indicates that all people should be at home, except for work and purchasing essentials. Universities and schools will convert programs to virtual formats and small businesses will be closed.

The rest of the country will be subject to Level 2 restrictions, which limit public gatherings to a maximum of 100 people and impose the mandatory use of masks on public transport.

The Prime Minister expressed his concern over the case which was confirmed this Saturday because it was a person who had been carrying the virus without isolating himself for a week.

New Zealand has one of the best results in the fight against Govt-19 in the world, with 2,372 infections and 26 deaths from the virus.

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