February 23, 2024

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“Neymar Jr. and Pedro Scopi had a close relationship.”

“Neymar Jr. and Pedro Scopi had a close relationship.”

Brazilian influencer Sophia Barclay He sparked a media storm in his home country by revealing intimate details about famous footballer Neymar Jr. during an appearance on a TV programme, where Barkley shared an experience relating to the former Paris Saint-Germain player.

According to Barclay, Neymar Jr could have had an intimate encounter with famous Brazilian surfer – and former Big Brother Brazil contestant – Pedro Scopi. In a ceremony personally organized by the footballer amid the Covid-19 pandemic. In his own words, “They both had intimate relationships with each other. Then the girl and I got together, and they kissed, they all kissed. There were no boundaries.”

Neymar and Pedro Scobe: Good friends. Instagram

To maintain the privacy of this event, Barkley says Neymar took strict measures, requiring all attendees to hand over their mobile phones in a designated room, which was heavily guarded by the people he trusted most. In addition, attendees were required to sign strict confidentiality agreements. but, She remained adamant in her decision not to sign the aforementioned agreement, which prompted her to publicly reveal the details of what happened in that secret meeting.

Beyond the “sauce” As one can delve deeper into each person’s partners and sexual orientation, the reflection of specialist surfing portal BeachGrit is very accurate. This raises the question of why there will be no trace of homosexuality in male surfing in 2023. Among the best in the world there are a total of 0 openly “non-heterosexual” surfers, Which does not agree with community statistics in general; This on the other hand does not happen in women’s surfing, where there are gay references such as two-time world champion, Tyler Wright.

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