January 19, 2022

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Not even Juanpez Gonzalez can't mention J Balvin in his social networks

Not even Juanpez Gonzalez can’t mention J Balvin in his social networks

Original taken from Instagram @juanpisgonzalez and @jbalvin

Although the comedian Alejandro Riano He had announced in an interview with El Tiempo newspaper that he would seek to end the character of “Juanpez Gonzalez”Everything seems to indicate that he is organizing his guest list for an entertaining show.

Through the character’s official account on Instagram, the comedian opened a question box for his followers to recommend who they would like to see them talk and learn more about their careers in on his stage show.

Soon, fans began sending him the names of some celebrities such as Paulina Vega, Carol J, Pepe Valderrama and even Falcao Garcia. To give the matter more seriousness, Gonzalez Pompeo began marking entertainment characters so they would see his order.

However, something caught the attention of netizens when they saw that he could not do the same to the boy from Medellin, as J Balvin is known, when he posted the request and explained that he could not be mentioned on Instagram, because everything seemed to indicate that Antioqueño had formed His official account so that no such action was possible.

Taken from Instagram @juanpisgonzalez
Taken from Instagram @juanpisgonzalez

“It does not allow itself to be mentioned”, was the text that Juanpez Gonzalez accompanied to the post that his fans asked him to invite the translator of Amarillo.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Antioqueño has been at the center of the controversy, because on December 28 the artist was heavily criticized by various figures from the music industry when they found out that he had won the award for ‘Best Afro-Latin Artist of the Year’ at the African Entertainment Awards.

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Among the singers who have expressed their disagreement with the Pisa Award is Joyo, a member of the ChocQuibTown group, who wrote on her Twitter account:

“If you want to know what I think: I believe in Grammys more than I do in this bullshit. And I’m going to sleep because they start telling me their shit. Terrifying”.

J Balvin also suffered heavy criticism in 2021 from his fellow resident, who complained that he did not express himself in a timely and positive way for the benefit of his country, while Colombians were on the streets facing the authorities over the disputes that existed with the citizens. The government’s desire to implement a new tax reform had a stronger effect on the pockets of the less favored classes.

“I broke the word, and instead my father taught me other principles, For example, love my country above all else, and share what I have with othersThis is the difference between you and me. I decided to give my beer to the hot dog carts, while I decided to do a “commodity” business and make money at the expense of their jobs, which is why we are different.”

Among the many criticisms made by Puerto Ricans to J Balvin, there was also a strong call to attention regarding Albiza’s sympathy as he contemplated releasing a new album.

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