June 16, 2024

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NVIDIA Broadcast 1.3 releases significant performance improvements

NVIDIA Broadcast 1.3 releases significant performance improvements

nvidia It publishes the latest update to its dedicated content streaming tool. NVIDIA Broadcast 1.3.2 It was released with significant improvements in the performance of the application, which is designed for owners of the RTX graphics card.

NVIDIA Broadcast 1.3 releases significant performance improvements

NVIDIA Broadcast It has the ability to add audio and video effects, as well as other functions based on RTX technology, such as eliminating background noise or those virtual backgrounds that automatically determine the user’s presence and cut out everything else. It is also possible to use RTX Audio, which removes background noise for clarity in the sound.

With update 1.3 from NVIDIA BroadcastThe app now reduces the performance impact of applying multiple audio and video effects simultaneously, which can consume a lot of VRAM. This way, according to NVIDIA, VRAM usage by the app is reduced by up to 40%.

NVIDIA has been able to add support for more applications to work with Broaedcast. It can now be used with Canon, Nikon, and Sony webcam tools, as well as OBS Virtual Camera. Other minor changes and improvements refer to some tweaks and fixes to the user interface.

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Noise reduction can be found in apps like OBS Studio and Streamlabs. For editors, this feature can be used in Adobe Premiere Pro and Audacity. However, the NVIDIA Broadcast Redistributable Package must be installed in order for these features to be available.

You can download NVIDIA Broadcast 1.3 now from next link.

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