April 13, 2024

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Operating systems, VR, performance, reservations and more

Operating systems, VR, performance, reservations and more

There is no room for doubt. The Steam Deck ad He was One of the biggest explosions in the industry in years. Valve decided to dive into the world of physical consoles with a portable system that made quite a splash.

While shipments will start arriving from December, there are many uncertainties still flying in the sky. So, from Gaby Newell Company have enabled Frequently asked questions and answers section About steam surface. In fact, it clarifies several questions.

we can You have multiple Steam accounts on your laptopEach of them keeps its own settings and saves files. Another important feature is the ability to use Proton for work other than Steam. This system is for Microsoft Windows games to run on Linux-based operating systems.

In terms of operating systems, we can have several installed and initially choose which one to start, something that can also be done via a microSD card. so states valve External GPU connection will not be possible To Steam Deck, if you have the idea on your mind.

On the other hand, Valve aims for the Steam Deck interface to eventually replace Big Picture, although it will be a “phased” process. Are you one of those who want to remove Steam Deck from any internet signal? It won’t be a problem, since then Once you install the game, you can enjoy it without problems. Obviously, this situation does not apply to addresses on the Internet.

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The company indicates that we can use Steam Deck as a command for PC through the Remote Play system, without any problem. Of course, those who have plans to Use of virtual reality devices They will be more complicated. Scenes can be connected, but The experience will not be the best, since Steam Deck is not optimized for these types of devices.

On whether Steam Deck will increase its performance on the docking station, Valve indicates that it will not. The capabilities achieved in both portable and connected mode are the same. If you are in doubt about buying the console, you should keep in mind that only the 512GB model has anti-reflective etch processing on its IPS LCD screen.

Although the purchase must be made by Steam itself for the time being, Valve is not ruling out a partnership with retailers in different regions. Also, keep in mind that Once you make a reservation, you will not be able to change the form. If you want to debug, you will have to cancel the purchase queue and start it again.