June 16, 2024

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Outriders: Segun sus desarrolladores el juego no ha sido rentable

Outriders developers are still not seeing money from their video game; Blame Square-Enix for not paying


developers Outriders, a title launched on April 1 on consoles and PCs, which has been a relative success, and they haven’t seen a penny since its launch, pointing to Square-Enix’s arrows for not making sales and associated costs transparent.

Present day people can fly, Developer Outriders He issued a document from his last fiscal year (via GameIndustryBiz), in which they asserted that they did not see money from the title, accusing it of not being profitable, because until now Square-Enix should have paid the royalties signed under the contract.

As specified in the document, these royalties must be paid once Square Enix Investment costs recovered for Outriders, and then they will have 45 days to pay off the people can fly.

This should have happened as described on August 16th and it hasn’t passed yet, so they in the company understand that the title hasn’t been profitable all this time, charging that there will be other costs associated with publishing the game in Xbox Game Pass Since the day it was released on consoles.

curious Square Enix In his financial report, he highlighted this Outriders They more than missed sales estimates for the quarter and were happy with their performance, which further complicates the issue.

in spite of that Sebastian Wojciechowski, the head of the company people can fly, stated that they hoped to receive royalties from Square Enix In the same year, hoping to be transparent itself in a better way the current situation on the real costs and sales of the video game.

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The video game industry is one where the risk of producing a new IP is always high, more than any other industry, where an average of 5 years is invested in developing a product that may or may not be profitable in its first months of operation. the first show.

This is more complicated when the said study does not contain the investment necessary to implement the project and seeks external financing in general from a publisher, which will bear part of the project’s risks, in the hope that these costs will be returned and profitability.

Outriders Available on platforms Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S y PC.

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