May 16, 2022

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Paraguay coach Barros Chilotto: Ecuador is among the best in South America, but we are training to beat it |  football |  Sports

Paraguay coach Barros Chilotto: Ecuador is among the best in South America, but we are training to beat it | football | Sports

The coach of the Paraguayan national team, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, spoke on the morning of Tuesday, March 22nd in front of the media of the country of the Guaraní, highlighting his intentions regarding the Ecuador match, next Thursday in Ciudad del Este.

Barros Schelotto did not hesitate to show that his team “will go out to win” against the trio, because it is not enough to just go out and play.

Despite being eliminated, Paraguay could have played between seven and eight matches this year which will allow the coach to begin assembling the team that will play in the upcoming competitions.

“Although we do not have the pressure of the result, we have to start showing that we want to compete against the best. We have to start a new project and the only way to win is to play with behaviour, character, calm and knowing the timing of the match,” Barros Chilotto told Paraguay media.

He described Ecuador as one of the best teams in South America and realizes that with only one point he will be in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

“Ecuador is one of the best teams in South America, they are one point away from reaching the World Cup and now we will see if they can do it in one of these two remaining matches. The coach stressed that he was unable to train with the group, between Saturday and Monday. .definitely by the afternoon session I will.

Coach Barros Schelotto will provide opportunities to replace players, but he will also have a base of some EFE / Nathalia Aguilar experts
Photo: EFE

“Ecuador is a useful team and aims to add. It has a lot of quality and an experienced technician. We have to be strong and prepared tactically, so that we can beat the opponent. We are training in order to win the match, because every operation needs to add value and good matches.” .

Although Paraguay will go out with some players who watched several minutes into the South American match, they will also take advantage of the matches against Ecuador and Peru to put in other players who will be part of their replacement.

Coach’s intention Is to achieve a strong team He could change history in the face of the upcoming tie in South America and Copa America. (Dr)

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