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Planetary conjunction: Today Venus and Mars will be seen together in the sky – People – Culture

Planetary conjunction: Today Venus and Mars will be seen together in the sky – People – Culture

Various astronomical phenomena occur in the sky that usually attract humans because of their rarity. From comets, eclipses, meteor showers and meteors, among many others, people often wait long hours and use specialized equipment to view them. On February 22, a planetary conjunction will occur between Venus and Mars. We tell you what it is.

Planetary conjunction

This event occurs when two astronomical objects appear close to each other in the sky. Although the distance between them is millions of kilometers, to the human eye and from Earth, the optical illusion will make them appear as if they are only a few centimeters apart.

During a planetary conjunction, Venus and Mars will approach each other by about half a degree. Venus, one of the brightest objects in the sky, will easily eclipse Mars.

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Venus is the brightest object that can be seen from Earth after the Sun and the Moon.

While Earth's “brother” will shine at a magnitude of -3.9, the Red Planet will reach a magnitude of 1.3, according to the “In The Sky” website. According to NASA, the brightest objects in the sky have the lowest numbers on the scale, for example, the Sun shines at magnitude -27.

“The best way to see this event is with good binoculars, although it can be seen with the naked eye. “It will be visible in the east and southeast about an hour before sunrise, especially in the Northern Hemisphere,” Dr. Jessica Neeson tells Medreva.

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Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system closest to the sun.

Planets only look like this from our perspective on Earth. Venus will be 219 million kilometers from Earth, and Mars will be 335 million kilometers from our planet. In other words, the two planets, which could be seen together, would be more than 160 million kilometers away from each other.

Planetary conjunctions in 2024

Conjunctions are fascinating events, but they are not rare in our solar system. According to the Star Walk website, these are the following:

– March 21: Venus and Saturn.

– April 3: Venus and Neptune.

– April 10: Mars and Saturn.

– April 20: Jupiter and Uranus.

– April 29: Mars and Neptune.

– May 31: Mercury and Uranus.

– June 4: Jupiter and Mercury.

– July 15: Mars and Uranus.

– August 7: Mercury and Venus.

– August 14: Mars and Jupiter.

(Important: This will be EnVision, the mission to Venus approved by the European Space Agency)

Planetary conjunction between Venus and Mars

“in the middle, Mars and Venus encounter each other about once every two to three years. “However, the frequency may differ due to the different orbital periods of the two planets,” Neeraj Dinkar explains to Hindustan Times.

The last conjunction between these two planets occurred on July 13, 2021. The next conjunction, after the February 2024 event, will occur between February and March 2026.

A celestial dance between Jupiter and Saturn during the Great Conjunction

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