July 5, 2022

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Plans are underway to fully upgrade the New Zealand gas field

Plans are underway to fully upgrade the New Zealand gas field

Australian company Petroleum And gas Beach Energy Are you planning for your growth? Deposit Kube Gas Station, located on the beach New ZealandThis would mean digging up to two growth wells.

These projects are welcomed by Energy Resources Aotearoa because it hopes that more gas from the Kupe will make a significant contribution to the country’s energy composition.

The Deposit Kube is located in the Taranaki Basin, on the coast and south of Mania and in the New Zealand Special Economic Zone (EEZ). It is operated by Peach Energy as a Genesis Energy and New Zealand Oil & Gas Partners.

The Kube project consists of three production wells and the generally inactive Kube Velhead Platform (Kube WHP). Peach Energy is now proposing to drill up to two development wells using the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) on existing Cube WHP.

Therefore, on April 8, 2022, the company submitted applications for maritime accreditation and maritime discharge accreditation for activities related to drilling up to two development wells. Deposit Kubein.

In this integrated application, it is possible to place structures in the seabed, remove inanimate natural objects from the seabed or underground, disrupt the ocean floor or soil, induce material deposition in the ocean, trigger vibrations, trigger explosions through the MODU deck drainage system and dump traces of harmful substances into the ocean.

A public consultation on Beach Energy’s applications for the Kube field opened on June 8. The deadline for submitting applications is July 21, 2022.

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Environment Minister David Parker will appoint a commission of inquiry to review the applications and make a decision. It is the role of the EPA to provide administrative support to the Board of Inquiry.

Development of Phase 2 Deposit Has always been in Kubei’s life plan Deposit.

The main purpose of Cube Phase 2 is to fully develop Deposit To increase production and extend the period of the production plateau DepositCoastal Energy thus explained that it would provide energy security to New Zealand in the future.

According to Peach, gas production Deposit de Kupe accounts for 10% and 15% of New Zealand’s annual natural gas demand and 50% of its LPG demand.

Project activities are expected to begin in late 2022 and early 2023.

Key to New Zealand’s energy mix

Energy Resources Aotearoa, formerly known as the Petroleum Research and Production Association of New Zealand, represents the petroleum industry. Petroleum And Gas in New Zealand welcomed Peach Energy’s project for Kupe, saying it would make a significant contribution to New Zealand’s energy mix.

In a statement on Friday, Energy Resources Aotearoa CEO John Carnegie said: “Beach Energy’s plan for Cube development is a success: “A project for the potential development of Peach Energy Deposit Cuban Gas Fantastic news. This will not only give a welcome boost to the New Zealand economy, but also create more jobs and a more reliable, low-carbon natural gas supply.

Carnegie added: “This announcement is in line with OMV’s current investment Deposit The planned rating in Maui and Toutouwai will be good news for our large exporters and families who depend on the affordable and reliable supply of natural gas. “

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“Despite some regulatory challenges in the energy sector, one thing is clear: there is a need for low emissions natural gas to sustain our economy and our transformation and will continue.

“Natural gas has a low carbon profile, is not as climate-dependent as renewables and is easily portable. It will fuel New Zealand’s low carbon conversion, support renewable electricity and be the foundation.”

It should be noted that in 2018 the New Zealand government announced that new study permits would not be granted. Petroleum And marine gas. However, this policy change will not affect existing permissions.

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