July 2, 2022

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PlayOffs NBA 2022: 'New Almisas' pushes superb Doncic into an abyss from which no one was saved: 3-0 Warriors

PlayOffs NBA 2022: ‘New Almisas’ pushes superb Doncic into an abyss from which no one was saved: 3-0 Warriors

Theyou Golden State Warriors they won 100-109 a Dallas Mavericks To put 3-0 in the Western Conference Finals.

Luka Doncic (40 + 1 + 3) tried everything to lead Dallas to victory, but despite his big numbers, Golden State took the lead in the game led by the successful player Andrew Wiggins “Christ” (27 + 11 + 3) and Stephen Curry. (31 + 5 + 11).

Never before in NBA history had a team been able to return from a playoff series after losing 0-3 and the Warriors were only one game away from playing in the NBA Finals again.

Synthesis of Wiggins to Doncic

Curry crossed 30 points for the 47th time in his “playoffs” career and led the way for his team, bolstered by 27 Wiggins who stamped a formidable teammate with his hand on Doncic who put together a fourth-stage win. , when the Mavs gave their all in search of a comeback.

An extreme synthesizer of Doncic: Killing Wiggins that knocks Luca to the ground

Luka Doncic has eight playoffs with at least 40 points, surpassing Nowitzki

The Warriors thwarted a massive new offensive performance for Doncic, who has now played eight qualifying matches with over forty points and left behind the mark of German Dirk Nowitzki, MAFs legend, who is on the field.

However, Nowitzki scored six wins and one loss when he crossed that barrier, while Doncic scored 2-6.

The scoring duel between Curry and Doncic

Doncic and Kari quickly became heroes leading their teams, getting off to a good start for the Warriors, who took a twelve-point lead at 19-7, before the Slovenian raised his voice and helped cut the margins up to the three units at the end of the first period, with a superb hat-trick on bell.

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Pushed by their fans, the Mavs completed their comeback with a strong start in the second quarter (16-6) to take a 38-31 lead, but at that moment Curry re-emerged with some convincing triplexes that allowed the Warriors to reach the leaders in the break, with 48-47 in the light.

Steve had already had three triples in the first half, while Mavis Doncic had fifteen with seven rebounds, supported by twelve from Jalen Bronson and eleven from Spencer Dinwiddy.

Steve Kerr’s team built on their victories against the Mavs with some great third periods and the story didn’t change at the American Airlines Center, with 30-21 again on Curry’s rhythm.

Another eleven, with two of three points in the triple, fell against the Mavericks as Doncic took just two points from five on shots and the Warriors increased their margin to 78-68.

Draymond Green’s contribution was valuable as well, as despite having serious problems, he scored four points in the third inning, scored four points and distributed three excellent assists in the period.

Doncic did everything he could to try to avoid defeating the Mavericks, but the Warriors responded to his impressive offensive plays with three throws by Curry and Thompson, and by Wiggins who gave the picture of the night.

He hit a massive submergence over Doncic that left American Airlines Center speechless and maintained a ten-point margin (93-83).

Doncic hit forty points with some great plays and gave Dinwiddy the decisive pass to the 99-104 hat-trick that gave his side hope, but seconds later it was Paul who grabbed the match-winning three-point shot.

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